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Agent Chat #5 Michelle Wolfson

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Agent Chat #5 Michelle Wolfson

Post  Maggie on Fri Jul 08, 2011 10:08 pm

Huge thank you to Michelle!


»Agent Chat with Michelle Wolfson!«
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Lizzy left this message:13:58
Hi! And welcome to the AGENT CHAT with Michelle wolfson!
The chat is happening just around the corner. Click the "Join Chat>>" button right below this message box to begin chatting.
Thanks for coming, and have a great time!
See you inside.
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Shahira: Hey Lizzy!19:54
Lizzy: Shahira!!19:55
Lizzy: It's been FOREVER. How are you?19:55
Shahira: I know!! I've been internet-less..other than the slow net on my phone. :[19:55
Shahira: I'm good! Guess what book I JUST read?19:55
Lizzy: Oh man! How are you surviving? LOL19:55
Lizzy: What??19:55
Shahira: We have it now so I feel connected to the world again. :]19:56
Shahira: &I read the Hunger Games!19:56
Shahira: Just finished it at 5 this morning lol. Couldn't put it down!19:56
Lizzy: You did!?19:56
Lizzy: YAY!!19:56
CharlieTeen joined the chat19:56
Lizzy: I guess that's a good sign!19:56
Lizzy: Hi Charlie! 19:56
Lizzy: Just click "Join chat>>" to get in.19:56
Shahira: Lol yes. I loved it. Are you Team Peeta or Team Gale(sp?)?19:57
Lizzy: You guess. 19:57
CharlieTeen: PEETA 19:57
Shahira: Hi Charlie, I'm Shahira :]19:57
CharlieTeen: Hello I'm Charles. 19:57
Shahira: Lizzy, are you Peeta?!19:57
CharlieTeen: It's 3am WOO19:57
CharlieTeen: #dedication19:58
Shahira: &yay! Totally agree with you Charlie. Peeta is to die for.19:58
Lizzy: Wow! What side of the world are you on, Charlie/Charles?19:58
CharlieTeen: Well, I'd rather Katniss myself, but yes, I guess If I were to convert, Peeta would be a fine choice.19:58
CharlieTeen: I'm in Malta It's near Italy/Sicily..19:58
Lizzy: Awesome!19:58
Lizzy: I agree. #dedication19:58
CharlieTeen: 19:58
Lizzy: Michelle should be arriving any minute.19:59
CharlieTeen: Why so little people?19:59
Shahira: That's awesome that you live ALL the way over there. :]19:59
Michelle Wolfson joined the chat19:59
Lizzy: Hi Michelle! *claps*19:59
Lizzy: @Charlie They're on the way. There are many more yet.19:59
Shahira: I'm going to change my font color real quick. Be back in a moment.19:59
Michelle Wolfson: Hi!! I'm so excited but give me ONE minute!! I'll be right back19:59
CharlieTeen: Told my friend to sign up.20:00
Shahira: Hey Michelle! :]20:00
CharlieTeen: She'll be here in a minute, too.20:00
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Lizzy: Okay. 20:00
Lizzy: Awesome Charlie! Ten points to you.20:00
Nova Lovette joined the chat20:00
Lizzy: Welcome Nova!20:01
CharlieTeen: YAY20:01
CharlieTeen: Hi NOVA20:01
CharlieTeen: NOT PURPLE NOVA! *dies*20:01
Michelle Wolfson: OK, ok, I'm back!20:01
Shahira: Hi Nova. I'm Shahira. :]20:01
Lizzy: Welcome back!20:02
Michelle Wolfson: thanks!20:02
Lizzy: We have more people on the way but because of time we'll go ahead and get started.20:02
CharlieTeen: Hello 20:02
Michelle Wolfson: What do we do now??20:02
Lizzy: Here's the way things work:20:02
Lizzy: THE QUESTION SYSTEM: When you have a question, "raise your hand" by typing ! (exclamation point). I will add you to a list. When it's your turn, I'll call your name. If at any point you have a question about someone else's question, feel free to ask!20:02
Michelle Wolfson: !20:02
Constance joined the chat20:02
Lizzy: Any questions about the question system? 20:02
Michelle Wolfson: Just kidding20:02
Silver_astra joined the chat20:02
Lizzy: LOL Michelle!20:02
Lizzy: Welcome Constance!20:02
Lizzy: I mean... TWIN!!20:02
Lizzy: Hi Silver_astra!20:02
Lizzy: I'll re-post quickly.20:03
Shahira: Hey Constance!20:03
Silver_astra: HI!20:03
CharlieTeen: Yay Astra <320:03
Lizzy: THE QUESTION SYSTEM: When you have a question, "raise your hand" by typing ! (exclamation point). I will add you to a list. When it's your turn, I'll call your name. If at any point you have a question about someone else's question, feel free to ask!20:03
Constance: Hey Shahira. 20:03
Lizzy: Feel free to begin at any point.20:03
Constance: Hello, Lizzy.20:03
Constance: I mean, Twin.20:03
Constance: !20:03
Lizzy: I love the green, by the way.20:03
Michelle Wolfson: Hi everyone! Since Lizzy is saying hi, I will too. I'm SO excited to be here. And Excited to answer your questions. Fire away!20:03
CharlieTeen: !20:03
Lizzy: Go ahead, Constance.20:03
Lizzy: Gotcha Charlie. I'll call when it's your turn.20:03
Constance: First off, Hi Miss Michelle!!! Or... Ms Wolfson?20:04
CharlieTeen: So Glad I stayed up for this.20:04
Michelle Wolfson: Everyone please call me MichelleMichelle20:04
Lizzy: (And don't be shy! If you randomly think of anything, post your !. I'm carefully keeping track. )20:04
Michelle Wolfson: Oops, call me Michelle20:04
Lizzy: I'm glad you did too, Charlie. 20:04
Constance: Anyway. My question is, what do you think of YA epic fantasy?20:04
Michelle Wolfson: Don't call me Michelle Michelle20:04
Lizzy: LOL!20:04
Lizzy: @Twin You're a good friend. *will tell Amanda*20:04
Constance: @Twin Of course I am. 20:05
Michelle Wolfson: I think YA epic fantasy is great! In general, for questions like this about specific genre, I have to say that my best advice is not to write to trends and instead, try to BE the next trend.20:05
Silver_astra: !20:05
Michelle Wolfson: Can I keep writing more or should I be answering all in one time20:05
Lizzy sent out an invitation20:05
Lizzy: Gotcha Astra20:05
Michelle Wolfson: It feels like such a long wait so I like to answer in spurts20:05
Lizzy: You can write as much as you want, Michelle.20:06
Lizzy: We don't mind waiting. We're just glad you're here. 20:06
CharlieTeen: Word ^20:06
Silver_astra: ditto from me20:06
Michelle Wolfson: I think your best bet is to write the book you feel is in you. The one you HAVE to write. Or WANT to write. Or whatever. Without really worrying about what is hot or trendy or whatever.20:06
Constance: *agrees with Twin*20:06
Silver_astra: ha Charlie20:06
Taryn joined the chat20:06
Constance: (HI TARYN!!!!!!!!!! )20:07
Lizzy: TARYN. 20:07
Michelle Wolfson: Publishing is a long, hard, SLOW business. And a book you write now could take a year to write and then two years to get published. So writing dystopian because it's hot now may not do any good.20:07
Shahira: Hey Taryn. :]20:07
CharlieTeen: Also another question so: !20:07
Taryn: *waves* I'm actually at work, not supposed to be here, but I just wanted to drop in and say hi. Also, Michelle, your clients are all amazing. (And how'd you get everyone short? lol)20:07
Michelle Wolfson: Unless you are writing vampires. Because they never die. In vampire-ness and in publishing.20:07
Michelle Wolfson: OK, next Q, GO!20:07
Mad joined the chat20:08
CharlieTeen: Is that me?20:08
Lizzy: Got you Charlie20:08
Lizzy: Next question is Charlie.20:08
Mad: I MADE IT! 20:08
Lizzy: Your first one.20:08
Lizzy: YAY MAD!20:08
CharlieTeen: Does it put you off, even a little bit, when it's a teen who has sent you a query? =]20:08
Constance: Alright, thank you Michelle! *takes notes for Amanda*20:08
Michelle Wolfson: Ah, you may (or may not be) the tweeter who asked this.20:08
Lizzy: (Yes, Twin. Copy that in case I can't get it all.)20:08
CharlieTeen: I am indeed. 20:08
Taryn: (bye, guys)20:08
Lizzy: (Aw, bye T!)20:09
CharlieTeen: Bye 20:09
Constance: (Aw, I missed saying bye to Taryn.)20:09
Michelle Wolfson: So to be perfectly honest, I would say that I think maybe I would NOT specify that you are a teen in your query. It doesn't necessarily put me off. But I think why not just let your writing be judged for what it is. That's how I'm judging it.20:09
Michelle Wolfson: Then if I decide that I like it and want to rep you, I would say I think it's AWESOME that you are a teen20:09
Mad: Yes, I agree with that totally.20:09
Mad: Age is nothing but a number.20:10
CharlieTeen: That's true.20:10
Constance: Oh, Mad's here! Hi Mad! *waves*20:10
André joined the chat20:10
Mad: Hi!20:10
Lizzy: *agrees*20:10
Lizzy: ANDRE!!!20:10
Constance: *glares at André*20:10
Michelle Wolfson: Not just becasue teens are awesome (which they/you are), but becasue I think it's so incredibly impressive, that I think it's an extra marketing point the pub can use20:10
Mad: I was having a conniption because my link didn't show up. 20:10
André: Heya. ^_^20:10
Michelle Wolfson: But I judge queries and manuscripts by the writing alone.20:10
André: Yeah, the link ended up in my spambox.20:10
Mad: Which is fair, by the way.20:10
CharlieTeen: Awesome.20:10
Mad: Oh, Lizzy, I have a quick !.20:11
Lizzy: If it's about Charlie's question, go ahead Mad.20:11
Michelle Wolfson: The only benefit to adding your age to a query, is that I'll occasionally deviate from my no response is no policy to write an encouraging rejection. But even that's not a guarantee.20:11
Mad: Um, it's similar.20:11
Michelle Wolfson: Lizzy, can you see when I'm typing? And when I'm waiting? Or do you want me to signal when I'm ready for the next Q?20:12
Lizzy: Go ahead.20:12
CharlieTeen: Oh, can I add in something that is linked with my question?20:12
Mad: Ms. Wolfson, what is your opinion on teens writing for adults?20:12
Lizzy: You can signal. It helps. 20:12
Lizzy: Yes, Charlie.20:12
CharlieTeen: Okay 20:12
Lizzy: @Mad That's a bit of a separate question, but we're good.20:12
Lizzy: Charlie, wait until Mad's question is finished.20:12
Lizzy: Hold that thought.20:12
Michelle Wolfson: Answering Mad then?20:12
Mad: Oh. Sorry! 20:12
Lizzy: Yes.20:12
Lizzy: It's similar enough.20:13
Michelle Wolfson: OK, again, I think it depends on the writing. Who am I to say you can't do it?20:13
Mad: It was related to age so I thought it was okay. ^^20:13
Mad: I was just wondering because it's kind of the boat I'm in.20:13
Mad: Thanks.20:13
Michelle Wolfson: It seems like it would be difficult to do, but then who says writing anything is easy. If you feel you have the chops for it, then go for it.20:13
Lizzy joined the chat20:13
Lizzy: *likes that answer*20:14
Michelle Wolfson: As an agent, I don't tell my clients, and certainly not writers in general what to write. You write. THen mmy opinion is just my opinion. One of many.20:14
Mad: Thank you. 20:14
Lizzy: Okay, go ahead Charlie. 20:14
Michelle Wolfson: Deviating slightly, but maybe you'll find it interesting, even with my clients, if they want to suddenly write a different genre, I don't say NO. I advise. We discuss. We discuss what's best for their careers. We strategize. But they are the writers. I'm more like a business manager in a sense. 20:15
Michelle Wolfson: Ok, next Q 20:15
CharlieTeen: So, you said it would be better to not specify te age, as the writing is being judged for what it is. Although I assume most teens--or well, I, don't have any achievements to mention at the end of a query. Should we just say nothing? 20:15
CharlieTeen: the* Grr 20:16
Michelle Wolfson: I think achievements at the end of the query are fine. If you have them, fine. If not, fine. They don't really make or break it for me. 20:16
CharlieTeen: Great! Thanks. 20:16
Lizzy: Astra, whenever you're ready, go ahead and ask. 20:16
Michelle Wolfson: Even presitigous achievemnets. It's all about the manuscript you are sending me right then. 20:16
Michelle Wolfson: Hi Astra 20:16
Silver_astra: What is one of your biggest pet peeves inside a novel? 20:17
Silver_astra: and hello! 20:17
Michelle Wolfson: Wow, inside a novel? 20:17
Michelle Wolfson: Are you saying novel as in a published book that I may or may not have represented? Or are you saying in a manuscript that someone submitted to me for possible representation? 20:17
Silver_astra: ya like...currently in my first chapter there is a rain storm but it is the cause of an accident. I know that agents hate starting something weather related. 20:18
Silver_astra: the last 20:18
Michelle Wolfson: Oh. I think that stuff is silly--the whole no weather, no prologues, etc. 20:18
Silver_astra: thank god 20:18
Silver_astra: HA 20:18
Lizzy: Hmm. 20:19
Constance: Sorry if this isn't allowed, just ignore it. But WHY do you think it's silly, Michelle? 20:19
Lizzy: It's allowed. 20:19
Michelle Wolfson: That's not really me. Maybe it's because this was a career change and I'm the rare breed of agent who didn't come from editorial. I also have commercial taste vs. lvery literary taste where it's all about the beautiful sentences, etc., but I think 20:19
Constance: (Just curious; I actually agree with that) 20:19
Lizzy: Questions about answers are allowed. 20:19
Silver_astra: I had just read it in a few places and I didn't know if it was every agent or just a few. 20:19
Michelle Wolfson: that if you keep my attention, you can start that story anywhere you want 20:19
Michelle Wolfson: sorry, I was still answering 20:20
Michelle Wolfson: I just think that anything can be done if it's done well 20:20
Constance: lvery? 20:20
Silver_astra: thank you 20:20
Michelle Wolfson: Look, lots of prologues stink. So agents are like cut the prologue. But that's ridiculous 20:20
Mad: Good point. 20:20
Mad: Oh, one more !. 20:20
Michelle Wolfson: I say learn your craft. Writing is a skill. Take classes. Get critique groups. READ. Study writers you admire in your genre and out of it 20:20
Lizzy: Hold that thought, Mad. 20:20
Lizzy: I'll put you on the list. 20:20
Lizzy: Unless it's specifically related to Michelle's answer. 20:21
Michelle Wolfson: There's a lot to be learned, but I don't think all of those you can't do this or that stuff makes sense. 20:21
Lizzy: I like that advice, Michelle. Can I quote you on that? 20:21
Michelle Wolfson: That said, you better have a really good reason for starting with the weather. And make us feel whatever it is you want us to feel 20:21
Michelle Wolfson: Is it the dampness? The slick roads? The darkness, etc 20:22
Silver_astra: Oh there is a very good reason 20:22
Michelle Wolfson: You can quote anything I say here as long as I didn't sound like an idiot 20:22
Silver_astra: LOL
Silver_astra: LOL 20:22
Sarah joined the chat 20:22
Lizzy: Hehe, I wouldn't quote it if you sounded like an idiot. XD 20:22
Sarah: I made it! 20:22
Lizzy: Yay Sarah! 20:22
Lizzy: I'm so happy. 20:22
Shahira: Sarah!!!! :] Hi! 20:23
Constance: *thinks of a snarky comment about MichelleMichelle* *decides not to say it* 20:23
Lizzy: Okay, if you're ready Michelle, go ahead and ask your next question, Charlie. 20:23
Sarah: Hi!! 20:23
Constance: Hi Sarah!!! 20:23
CharlieTeen: I tend to stray away from trends, and genre's in general. I write what my novel is, and that's that. But I find mine to be a mixture of elements, mostly fantasy, but it's not even urban, layered with contemporary and some dystopian elements. Would it be best to classify it under Young adult and leave it at that? Or make a mess of it and look a fool, as I have just done. 20:23
CharlieTeen: =] 20:23
Lizzy: Someone had that ready. XD 20:23
CharlieTeen: Indeed. 20:23
Michelle Wolfson: Along those same lines, I feel the same way about queries. Everyone goes crazy over their queries, but little things like if you used 11 point font or 12 point font aren't going to make the decision. Same with if you included word count or not, even though my preference happens to be that you do. 20:23
Michelle Wolfson: Sorry. I was babbling. I'm going to answer Charlie now 20:24
Lizzy: Take your time. 20:24
Michelle Wolfson: There are no foolish questions at AGENT CHAT WITH MICHELLE! 20:24
CharlieTeen: I think i'm the one that's babbling. 20:24
Sarah: wow we have a lot of people here! 20:24
Lizzy: Yes. *smiles* 20:24
CharlieTeen: ;D 20:24
Constance: I'm actually going to have to step out. *sad* 20:25
Michelle Wolfson: I sort of hate all the crazy subgenre classification that has gone on in publishing these days. That said, if they don't know where they'll put you on the book shelves, they can't buy it. (more) 20:25
CharlieTeen: I love this. And I was going to skip it. Parents don't like it when I stay up till 4am XD But so worth it! 20:25
Lizzy: ! *grabs place on list* 20:25
CharlieTeen: How long will this last? 20:25
Lizzy: Twin. :'( I'm sad. 20:25
Constance: Twin, try to copy the transcripts as you go...? I don't want to miss anything.... 20:25
Lizzy: @Charlie Until 10PM EST. 20:25
Sarah: aaww, bye Constance 20:25
Lizzy: And I'm so glad you stayed up for us. 20:25
Lizzy: I am, Twin. Everything will be there. 20:25
Constance: Yes, I'm glad you stayed, Charlie!!! 20:26
CharlieTeen: 10pm EST...is that in half an hour 20:26
Lizzy: Yes. 20:26
Constance: Awesome. Thanks Twin. 20:26
CharlieTeen: #timeconversionfail 20:26
Lizzy: Sorry, I can't convert it to your time. XD 20:26
CharlieTeen: Okay 20:26
Lizzy: #mathfail 20:26
Silver_astra: I think we are all in the same boat there! 20:26
Constance: Be back, hopefully. If not, THANK YOU MICHELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! *gives chocolate and hugs* 20:26
Lizzy: LOL! 20:26
Shahira: @Charlie It's in 34 minutes. :] 20:26
CharlieTeen: *steals chocolates* 20:26
Michelle Wolfson: I think you can't really just say YA. I think (without reading) I would pick the strongest themes and say maybe contemporary YA fantasy? Something like that. I dislike when people add too many mixtures because it makes it clear that you don't know what it is. Now, you admitted that here. And that's a fine discussion for you to have with your agent once she's fallen in love with it. But it's a turnoff in the query. 20:27
Lizzy: *hands Shahira math award* Good job. 20:27
Michelle Wolfson: Just like you don't trot out the crazy family members on the first date. 20:27
Michelle Wolfson: Ok, next Q 20:27
Shahira: @Lizzy Thanks. 20:27
Lizzy: I have a question about your answer 20:27
Sarah: lol Michelle 20:27
Lizzy: Last time I mentioned this genre to an agent in a chat, she'd never heard of it and it put her off. 20:27
Michelle Wolfson: What genre? 20:27
Lizzy: I call one of my latest novels "YA Science Fantasy" 20:27
Constance: *smacks Charlie's hand* *hands chocolate to Michelle* *leaves* 20:27
Lizzy: Does that make sense to you? 20:28
CharlieTeen: Science Fantasy! I tried that once, failed epically. 20:28
Michelle Wolfson: Is that like a mixture of Science Fiction and Fantasy? 20:28
Lizzy: Yes. 20:28
Lizzy: It's set in space, but there's magic. 20:28
Lizzy: And fantasy elements. 20:28
Charlie joined the chat 20:28
Lizzy: I figured science fantasy described it very well. 20:28
Charlie: No idea what I did there... 20:28
Michelle Wolfson: I kind of like it, personally. And it totally goes to what I was saying earlier about BE the next trend 20:28
Lizzy: But you did understand it? The other agent did not. She said it would probably put her off in a query. 20:29
Charlie: Isn't Science Fantasy where the science has developed with the involvement of magic? 20:29
Michelle Wolfson: I don't think that was so hard to figure out. The way you framed it though I was worried that it might be a trick wquestion 20:29
Sarah: BE? (sorry I missed the beginning) 20:29
Lizzy: I'm not sure, Charlie. 20:29
Lizzy: No, not at all. 20:29
Michelle Wolfson: She sounds like something I should probably email you instead of say here in a chat 20:29
Silver_astra: she meant being 20:29
Lizzy: BE? *confused* 20:29
Lizzy: Oh! Okay. How mysterious. 20:30
Silver_astra: being the next trend 20:30
Sarah: ooh I get it, thanks 20:30
Michelle Wolfson: No, seriously, I don't really know. I don't think that sounds bad at all. I think it sounds fun. You can also treat queries as a place to experiment. You can use Science Fantasy in some and others say Science Fiction/Fantasy. See what gets a better response 20:30
Charlie: Be the next trend! #Goal 20:30
Silver_astra: 20:30
Charlie joined the chat 20:31
Charlie: .... Grr 20:31
Lizzy: Okay. Thank you! 20:31
Lizzy: Next question. Mad, it's your turn, whenever you're ready. 20:31
Charlie: Fantasy will make it's comeback! 20:31
Lizzy: Having internet issues, Charlie? 20:31
Charlie: You'll see. 20:31
Lizzy: Yes. I think it will too. *hopes* 20:31
Michelle Wolfson: Not mysterious. I was going to be mean. 20:31
Charlie: You'll all see!! *waves hands in air* 20:31
Lizzy: Fantasy is my first love. 20:31
Charlie: #Friends 20:31
Lizzy: Ha! I picked up on that too. XD 20:31
Michelle Wolfson: comeback?? Fantasy is back, isn't it? 20:31
Michelle Wolfson: Ok, next Q 20:32
Mad: What about prologues in thrillers, Ms. Wolfson? I know those generally reveal the killer. I had a prologue for mine that did just that and I cut it a while back, but now I'm debating whether or not to keep it. I felt like it added to the intrique rather than detracted from it. 20:32
Charlie: Fantasy will overrule all else.
Mad: I hope that all makes sense and I didn't just babble to a real life agent. 20:32
Lizzy: Is it? 20:32
Michelle Wolfson: Well, as I was saying earlier, prologues need to be really well done. There's some serious prologue-hate in the publishing world. Also, please call me Michelle 20:33
jpmsull joined the chat 20:33
Mad: Oh, um, okay. 20:33
Charlie: I agree. Prologue's can be distracting, or just right. 20:33
Lizzy: I've noticed the prologue-hate. I haven't written one since my early novel-writing days. 20:33
Lizzy: Hi jpmsull! 20:33
Michelle Wolfson: If you feel like the prologue adds intrigue, perhaps it does. But I think prologues work best when they add some element that's not coming later. That you can't get anywhere else. 20:33
Sarah: same here Lizzy 20:33
jpmsull: Just got the link. 20:33
Lizzy: Just for you: 20:33
Lizzy: THE QUESTION SYSTEM: When you have a question, "raise your hand" by typing ! (exclamation point). I will add you to a list. When it's your turn, I'll call your name. If at any point you have a question about someone else's question, feel free to ask! 20:33
Silver_astra: if you do have a prologue do you prefer on a certain length? 20:33
jpmsull: Just got the link. 20:34
Lizzy: So sorry. We had some spam issues this time around with the invitation landing in boxes. 20:34
Michelle Wolfson: a prologue expert but I would do some web research on what makes a prologue work. There are people who have written great stuff about it. 20:34
Mad: Ok. I think I'm going to just keep it out, then. Thank you, Michelle! 20:34
jpmsull: It's fine! 20:34
Michelle Wolfson: Oops, menat I'm NOT a prologue expert. 20:34
Charlie: I've been working on my novel for a year and a half now? It's been crazy. Keeps changing. And I'm still at 0 words. I sure don't have the problem of killing my darling words. 20:34
Mad: What was in my prologue DOES come at the end, in a sense. 20:34
jpmsull: ! 20:35
Lizzy: Got you, jpmsull! (whew! that's a hard one to type...) 20:35
Mad: @Lizzy Don't you love just "Mad?" 20:35
Michelle Wolfson joined the chat 20:35
Charlie: *thinks of question* 20:35
Lizzy: LOL Charlie. Wow. 20:35
Charlie: hmm 20:35
Michelle Wolfson: Sorry! 20:35
jpmsull: Sorry! Just use that as a default for everything. Twitter, Livejournal, etc. 20:35
Mad: I shortened it just for you. 20:35
Michelle Wolfson: next q 20:35
Lizzy: Hehe, I understand. ^^ 20:36
Lizzy: Okay. The next question is mine. 20:36
Lizzy: If someone has a personal blog or twitter or name for themself online (not even a big one), does it help you when they query you? 20:36
Lizzy: Like, will you go look them up/about them etc? 20:36
Mad: I'm going to go now. I've got to get up early for a 7 hr bear of a GED test, but I just wanted to say thank you, Michelle, before I went. 20:36
Charlie: Oh wow. Great question! 20:36
Michelle Wolfson: Bye MAd 20:37
Lizzy: Aw, I'm glad you could come Mad! Sleep tight and GOOD LUCK TOMORROW! 20:37
Charlie: Bye Mad 20:37
Mad: Thank you, Lizzy! I'm scared to death. O_O 20:37
Lizzy: You can do it. I believe in you. 20:37
Mad: Bye, Michelle! 20:37
Sarah: I have to go too, got to get up early to go to a haunted house Thank you Michelle!!!!! 20:37
Michelle Wolfson: GOOD LUCK MAD!! 20:37
Mad: @Lizzy <3 20:37
Michelle Wolfson: Didn't read that fully 20:37
Michelle Wolfson: If I don't recognize the name, I will generally go look when I am interested in the project 20:38
Mad: Thank you, Michelle! 20:38
Michelle Wolfson: If not, I won't bother unless something else compells me to waste time 20:38
Lizzy: Okay. That's half what I meant too. If it just helps your chances in general to have SOME source of contact/name for yourself. 20:38
Mad: Oh, one last thing... 20:38
Mad: One more !, Lizzy. 20:38
Michelle Wolfson: Well, the real place that it helps traditionally, is in non-fiction where it was all about PLATFORM. 20:39
Lizzy: Hold that thought, Mad. It's jpmsull's turn next. 20:39
jpmsull: Yay! Okay, so, what is the shortest word count for YA, do you think? 55k? 20:39
Lizzy: Hmm. 20:39
Michelle Wolfson: But these days, it's harder and harder (I find) to have a big enough platform just online to get a book deal in nonfiction. And then with the amount of marketing that publishers expect their authors to be doing, it helps to have a name already in fiction 20:40
Lizzy: Good question, jpmsull! 20:40
Mad: Actually, never mind. 20:40
Mad: Goodnight, all! 20:40
Lizzy: Okay. 20:40
Lizzy: G'night! 20:40
Michelle Wolfson: ps even in fiction. But it's not a point against you if you don't. This is one place where publishing's slow pace is a benefit because you generally have time to build an audience. Not that it's easy to do, but it can be done. 20:40
Charlie: Oh Lord. I'll never get published. #isnobody #hadnoname 20:40
Mad: @Charlie Look at me! I go by MAD! 20:41
Lizzy: ! (for Constance, she forgot to ask) 20:41
Mad: Ok, I'm really going now. Morning will come quick. 20:41
Michelle Wolfson: Hi jpmsull. This is a question that I should know, but i actually don't know the official industry expectations but I'm sure they are easy to look up. I would say 50K is probably the shortest. But you could probably google this easily. and there are always exceptions to every rule. 20:42
Mad: GOODNIGHT! 20:42
Charlie: I guess that's one of the perks of never going out and having no friends or life. Always on twitter = building an audience. 20:42
Charlie: It's part of the reason I write YA, too. The community is just so friendly and inviting. 20:42
Michelle Wolfson: next q 20:42
jpmsull: Thanks! I tend to write relatively short, compact things. 20:43
Mad: How do I log out??? O_O 20:43
Charlie: Oh and: ! 20:43
Silver_astra: ! 20:43
Lizzy: Gotcha Charlie 20:43
Lizzy: and Astra 20:43
Lizzy: Just shut the tab, Mad. 20:43
Mad left the chat 20:43
Charlie: Beat you to it, astra 20:43
Lizzy: Okay, next question is for Constance. 20:43
Silver_astra: haha 20:43
Silver_astra: 20:43
Lizzy: It's on her behalf. 20:43
André: Or type /quit. ^_^ 20:43
Lizzy: She forgot to ask. 20:43
Lizzy: Constance wanted to ask about when someone says they want a new and interesting story idea does she mean a twist on an old idea or something new altogether. 20:43
Michelle Wolfson: You're stuck here, Mad! 20:43
Lizzy: *grins at Andre*
Michelle Wolfson: Well, what people say they want and what they actually want can be very different things. 20:44
Harvard2014 joined the chat 20:44
Lizzy: Hi Harvard2014! 20:44
Charlie: Does new altogether exist, in a way? 20:44
Michelle Wolfson: I find that publishing people are always saying they are looking for new and different things. But what they really seem to want is "the same, but different" 20:44
Harvard2014: Hi! 20:45
Charlie: Exactly. 20:45
Silver_astra: well I would think that is because they already know what is selling 20:45
Michelle Wolfson: next q 20:45
Lizzy: Totally. 20:45
Lizzy: you're next. 20:45
Lizzy: Ahem. 20:45
Lizzy: Charlie, you're next. 20:45
Michelle Wolfson: @silver but that's so annoying 20:45
Charlie: Oh. 20:45
Silver_astra: ya I agree 20:46
Charlie: What is your favourite classic? or Bronte classic? (Bronte addict) 20:46
Silver_astra: darn...I forgot my question already...skip me for now ha 20:46
Charlie: (I forgot my original question HAH! *thinks*) 20:46
Silver_astra: #facedesk 20:46
Charlie: Haha 20:46
Lizzy: Ooo. I like the Bronte sisters. 20:46
Lizzy: LOL Astra! I HATE that. 20:46
Shahira: Agreed. Wuthering Heights is one of my favorites<3 20:47
Michelle Wolfson: What if you have something that IS totally different and fabulous but they're all just too scared to take a chance. And then you (agents) get blasted by the comunity for not taking a chance on writers who bring you new and different things. So then they go to self-publishing. As new and different people probably rightfully should. But that's another whole story that we probably shouldn't get into here. It does become a vicious cycle to some extent. 20:47
Lizzy: Jane Eyre is my favorite, to be cliche. XD 20:47
Lizzy: @Shahira Emo! LOL! 20:47
Charlie: I loved the first half of Wuthering Heights, but Jane Eyre all the way. 20:47
Michelle Wolfson: Really? 20:47
Lizzy: Wow. I never thought about an agent being too scared to take on something totally new. 20:48
Shahira: @Lizzy You know it. Lol! 20:48
Michelle Wolfson: Jane Eyre 20:48
André: (P&P is the best. Just sayin'.) 20:48
Lizzy: LOL Andre! Wrong author. XD 20:48
André: Er 20:48
Silver_astra: oh ! lol 20:48
jpmsull: I'm going to be the loud student and raise my hand again: ! 20:48
André: I just realized that 20:48
Lizzy: Go ahead, jpmsull. You're next. 20:48
Lizzy: LOL!! But I totally agree with you. P&P FTW. 20:48
Michelle Wolfson: It's heartbreaking when projects you love don't sell. My authors are like my babies. I LOVE their books. I take it EXTREMELY personally when editors reject them. 20:48
Charlie: What was my original question. Grrr 20:48
jpmsull: I think silver_astra raised her hand before me? 20:48
Lizzy: Astra, was that a question? 20:48
Lizzy: Yeah, I just realized that was a question. 20:49
Silver_astra: go head jp 20:49
Lizzy: Go ahead Astra. 20:49
Charlie: Oh yes! 20:49
Charlie: ! 20:49
Lizzy: Before you forget again. 20:49
Lizzy: Gotcha Charlie. 20:49
André: *has no knowledge in the realm of...whatever realm of fiction those books are in, apparently* XD 20:49
Lizzy: Order: Astra, jpmsull, Charlie. 20:49
Lizzy: Classics? 20:49
Michelle Wolfson: Did I miss a question? 20:49
Lizzy: No. 20:49
Lizzy: It's Astra's turn. 20:49
jpmsull: Proceed, Astra. *nods* 20:50
Silver_astra: How many new clients do you pick up? Is it based on publishing "seasons?" 20:50
Shahira: ! 20:50
Lizzy: Gotcha, Shahira. 20:50
Michelle Wolfson: Good question 20:50
Shahira: :] 20:51
Silver_astra: 20:51
Lizzy: Ten minute warning. 20:51
Lizzy: Or, nine. 20:51
Silver_astra: lol that looks like I have buck teeth lol 20:51
Lizzy: LOL Astra!! 20:51
Silver_astra: 20:51
Charlie: Awh. Time flies! 20:51
Michelle Wolfson: No, I wouldn't say it's based on publishing seasons. It's more based on the hecticness of my personal life and the cycle of my current authors (i.e. where they are in their process-just signed contracts, just delivered manuscripts, books just coming out, up for option book deals, etc), and the alignment of the stars 20:52
Lizzy: *anticipates good an-- you beat me to it, Michelle! 20:52
Michelle Wolfson: Ok, maybe not the alignment of the stars 20:52
Lizzy: hehe. 20:53
Silver_astra: ha alignment of the stars 20:53
Michelle Wolfson: next q, unless anyone has a follow up 20:53
Silver_astra: some of us may think that already ha 20:53
Lizzy: jpmsull, go ahead. 20:53
Charlie: 20:53
jpmsull: Michelle-- In fairy tale retellings, does it discourage you about a project when the fact that it is indeed a fairy tale retelling isn't evident until one-third/halfway through? 20:53
Charlie: Oh my. My brains is not functioning well. 20:53
Lizzy: It MIGHT have something to do with the time of night. Or should I say morning? @Charlie 20:54
Charlie: Alignment of stars = Centaur = Harry Potter = Deathly Hallows Part 2 = Midnight Showing = Tears 20:54
Silver_astra: nope he is always like that jk jk 20:54
Charlie: t's all I'm thinking about. 20:54
Lizzy: Hehe. 20:54
Charlie: 20:55
Michelle Wolfson: Um, I can't say that it ever has. But I can't say that this has ever really been something that has caught my eye or is necessarily a personal interest of mine, so I don't think I'm the best person to speak to the specifics on this one. 20:55
Charlie: 7 days <3 20:55
Michelle Wolfson: next q 20:55
Lizzy: Go ahead, Charlie. 20:55
Charlie: Is that me? 20:55
Charlie: My project is a Fantasy series. Research has advised me to query it as a stand alone, (and set it to end as a stand alone) and mention that it could be a possible series. How does that work exactly? Would the agent NEED to know if it's a Trilogy/Series and it's plot? Because things can and will change. 20:55
Lizzy: If your brain will allow you to type. 20:55
Lizzy: There's only one Charlie in here. XD 20:55
Charlie: Shush 20:55
Lizzy: @Shahira You can go ahead and type up your question. You're next. 20:55
Charlie: #droolsondesk 20:56
Silver_astra: OMG that was the lost question of mine!!! 20:56
Silver_astra: ty for finding it charlie! 20:56
Charlie: 20:56
Lizzy: Ooo, that's actually a really good question! 20:56
Lizzy: I'd like to know too. 20:56
Charlie: We think along the same lines, my dear friends ;D 20:56
Silver_astra: 20:56
Silver_astra: ha I love that face now lol 20:56
Charlie: 20:56
Lizzy: LOL Astra! 20:57
Charlie: Will people still be here to chat after time is up? 20:57
Charlie: 3 minutes? o_O 20:57
Lizzy: Yes. 20:58
Charlie: Because I'm having fun! 20:58
Charlie: #Wideawake 20:58
Lizzy: And there is a follow-up chat on the Write On blog. 20:58
Charlie: #notreally 20:58
Lizzy: In our regular chat room. 20:58
Lizzy: LOL! 20:58
Michelle Wolfson: Your research is CORRECT!! Your best bet is to write, and subsequently query it as, a standalone. It needs to be able to stand alone. Yet you should absolutely leave it open to a trilogy. When you query it, all you need to say is that while of course it can stand alone, you intend it to be the first in a trilogy. Or the first in a series. Whatever. Most likely, when you find an agent, they would submit it the same way. If editor(s) are interested, they *might* ask for a general description of where it's going. But a couple of paragraphs would be enough. Very broad strokes voverview. 20:58
Lizzy: More like #4AMDELIRIUM 20:58
Lizzy: Hm. Awesome! That's truly awesome to know. 20:59
Silver_astra: very very good to know 20:59
Charlie: Oh yay! 20:59
Lizzy: Whenever you're ready, go ahead Shahira! 20:59
Charlie: That is great. 20:59
Shahira: Do you prefer first/third person or does it just depend on the story? 20:59
Charlie: And I'm guessing it is probable that if they were to purchase that book, they would possibly agree to the series? 21:00
Michelle Wolfson: Whatever works for you. I have no preference re POV or tense. I don't want to *notice* it, if that makes sense. 21:00
Lizzy: That makes total sense. 21:00
Lizzy: *likes that* 21:00
Charlie: Or would they have to wait it out and see how it sells? 21:00
Lizzy: And it's 10PM. 21:00
Michelle Wolfson: @charlie, yes 21:00
Michelle Wolfson: I know I was a few minutes late 21:00
Charlie: Awh =[ times up. 21:00
Lizzy: HUGE THANK YOU to Michelle!!!! 21:00
Charlie: THANK YOU VERY MUCH 21:00
Lizzy: All your answers were so awesome! 21:00
Harvard2014: Thank you! 21:00
Lizzy: This whole chat will be posted on the Write On! forums. 21:00
Charlie: *gives chocolate* 21:00
Shahira: Awesome, thank you. :] 21:01
André: Thank you! *lurker* 21:01
Lizzy: Also, there is a follow-up chat on the WRITE ON! blog. Link here => http://writeonteens.blogspot.com/p/chatr... 21:01
Lizzy: In case link doesn't work, it's the "Chatroom" tab on the blog (writeonteens . blogspot . com) 21:01
Lizzy: Feel free to come and go as you please if you're not done partying. 21:01
Silver_astra: ty so much Michelle! 21:01
Charlie: ;D 21:01
Michelle Wolfson: Thank you guys. You were awesome!!! Hope these helped. 21:01
Silver_astra: helped tons! 21:01
Lizzy: Those of you who are new, catch me on Twitter. I'd like to get to know you guys better. @WriteOnTeens 21:02
Charlie: It did very much. Thanks! 21:02
Lizzy: Totally helped! Your'e awesome. 21:02
Lizzy: *you're 21:02
Charlie: Already subbed Lizzy! 21:02
Lizzy: Okay. I'll go find you. 21:02
Michelle Wolfson: You guys can always find me on twitter too. @wolfsonliterary. I promise I don't bite 21:02
Lizzy: To leave, just close the tab! 21:02
Lizzy: Already following you Michelle. 21:02
Charlie: Am subbed to you, too. of course. 21:02
Charlie: subbed/following 21:02
Charlie: Same thing ^^] 21:02
Lizzy: Thank you all for coming! Have a great night, and hopefully see you over in the WriteOn chatroom. 21:03
Charlie: Thanks for following back Lizzy! 21:03
Shahira: I'm heading over to the Write On chatroom. See you guys there. :\] 21:05
Shahira: :]*

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