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Agent Chat #6: Victoria Marini

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Agent Chat #6: Victoria Marini

Post  Maggie on Fri Aug 12, 2011 9:14 pm

Agent Chat with Victoria Marini, Friday August 12th at 6pm EST.

Lizzy opened and joined the chat 16:40
CharlieTeen joined the chat 20 seconds ago 16:45
CharlieTeen: 16:45
Lizzy: Hi. You're here early. 16:47
CharlieTeen: Yeah 16:47
Lizzy: Better than late. ;P 16:49
CharlieTeen: Yeah 16:50
CharlieTeen: She's a new agent, isn't she? 16:52
Lizzy: I'm not sure. I don't know a whole lot about her. 16:52
CharlieTeen: Lalala. 16:57
LN joined the chat 5 seconds ago 16:57
LN: hello~ 16:58
Lizzy: Hi LN. Welcome. 16:58
CharlieTeen: Hello. 16:58
Kaye M. joined the chat 7 seconds ago 16:58
CharlieTeen: Yay! Hey Kaye 16:58
Kaye M.: Hi guys! 16:59
Kaye M.: Hi Charlie! 16:59
Lizzy: Hi Kaye! 16:59
Lizzy: Welcome! 16:59
Kaye M.: Lizzy! 16:59
CharlieTeen: I'm so jealous of Lizzy right now. 17:00
Kaye M.: Why? 17:00
Lizzy: ?? 17:00
CharlieTeen: The little icon beside her nae is wearing a little hat. I want one. 17:00
LN: lolol 17:00
CharlieTeen: name* 17:00
Stephen joined the chat 17:00
LN: I just noticed that 17:00
Brigid joined the chat 17:00
Brigid: Hello! 17:01
Stephen: hello 17:01
LN: Hi! 17:01
Lizzy: Is it? *laughs* 17:01
Lizzy: Hi Stephen! Hi Brigid! 17:01
Kaye M.: I think she has it because she's a moderator? 17:01
Lizzy: Victoria should be here soon. 17:01
Kaye M.: Hi there! 17:01
Sarah joined the chat 17:01
Lizzy: And yes, Kaye. That's why, I think. 17:01
Lizzy: Sarah!! 17:01
LN: All right. I saw her tweet (which is how I knew about this). 17:02
Kaye M.: I is currently tormenting myself by looking at recipes two hours before Iftar 17:02
CharlieTeen: No problems, I'm occupied jamming to my Glee music. <3 17:02
Sarah: Hi!!!! 17:02
LN: Hi Sarah 17:02
Lizzy: *hugs Kaye* 17:02
Lizzy: *gives Charlie a funny look* 17:02
Kaye M.: I don't watch Glee 17:02
CharlieTeen: o_O 17:02
Kaye M.: but it looks like a perpetual High School Musical 17:02
LN: Me neither. 17:02
Brigid: Glee <3 17:02
Kaye M.: 17:02
CharlieTeen: You people are not normal. 17:02
Lizzy: *high fives Kaye* I don't either 17:02
Brigid: IT IS NOT. 17:02
CharlieTeen: Yay Brigid. 17:03
Kaye M.: and they ruin good music 17:03
Lizzy: AGREED, Kaye. 17:03
Kaye M.: That's my opinion! I'm not bashing Gleeks. 17:03
Brigid: High School Musical is horrible 17:03
CharlieTeen: nO. 17:03
Stephen: first time I actually get to an agent chat 17:03
CharlieTeen: NO* 17:03
Kaye M.: Thank you, Lizzy! 17:03
Lizzy: @Stephen I'm so glad you made it! 17:03
Brigid: Glee is actually about ... real problems and stuff 17:03
Kaye M.: *ignores Charlie* 17:03
Brigid: and most of the people can actually sing 17:03
CharlieTeen: Glee is fabulous. Makes me feel so much better about myself, to be honest. 17:03
CharlieTeen: Show for the underdogs <3 17:03
victoria joined the chat 17:03
Sarah: Hi Victoria! 17:03
Lizzy: Hi Victoria!! 17:03
LN: Hi Victoria! 17:03
CharlieTeen: Bonjour. 17:03
Kaye M.: Hello! 17:03
Stephen: hello 17:04
Brigid: Hello Victoria! 17:04
Lizzy: A round of applause for our guest agent, Victoria Marini! *claps* 17:04
Kaye M.: *claps* 17:04
LN: Yaaay 17:04
CharlieTeen: *The scars of your love remind me of us, they keep me thinking that we almost had it all....* 17:04
Brigid: *clap clap* 17:04
CharlieTeen: *turns off music* 17:04
Brigid: Adele! 17:04
Sarah: *claps* 17:04
CharlieTeen: Glee Version, actually, Brigid 17:05
CharlieTeen: *claps* 17:05
Brigid: I figured. But still. 17:05
Stephen: *claps* 17:05
Kaye M.: Did anyone else have trouble getting into the chat room at first? 17:05
Kaye M.: And the text takes a bit to go through? 17:05
Brigid: No... How so? 17:05
Sarah: Nope, did you? 17:05
Lizzy: I think it's sensitive to internet connection. I just had to switch rooms. 17:06
CharlieTeen: To get in, not really. But yeah, my text lags a little. 17:06
Lizzy: I think Victoria's having a little trouble. 17:06
CharlieTeen: Also, Victoria has vanished. 17:06
Kaye M.: Yeah 17:06
CharlieTeen: *turns on music* 17:06
LN: Maybe she's having trouble logging on 17:06
Brigid: Poo. 17:07
Kaye M.: So what agency is Victoria from, Lizzy? 17:07
Kaye M.: Do you know? 17:07
Lizzy: Gelfman Schneider. 17:07
CharlieTeen: *You are the girl, that I've been dreamin of, ever since I was a little girl.* 17:07
Lizzy: I hadn't heard of it until she agreed to be our agent. 17:07
CharlieTeen: x2 17:07
Brigid: Gelfman Shneidersomething 17:07
Kaye M.: Never heard of it either. 17:07
CharlieTeen: *I'm not gonna teach him how to dance with you,* 17:07
Kaye M.: CHARLIE. 17:08
CharlieTeen: Yes? 17:08
Brigid: oh nvm, it's just Gelfman Schneider. lol. 17:08
Kaye M.: lol. Every time I say CHARLIE like that, I think of being a little kid and watching the Magic School Bus 17:08
CharlieTeen: *shuts off music* 17:08
Kaye M.: "CARLOS." <---Really bad jokes. 17:08
Brigid: I want to listen to music too... 17:08
CharlieTeen: I've no idea what Magic School Bus is... 17:08
CharlieTeen: I've been re-watching The Glee Project all day today. 17:08
Brigid: Gasp... 17:08
CharlieTeen: 17:08
Kaye M.: I've been looking at the Elizabeth Kaplan Agency and Writer's House (agent-wise) 17:09
victoria joined the chat 17:09
LN: Hi again, Victoria! 17:09
CharlieTeen: Bonjour, again. 17:09
Lizzy: *hopes* You in, Victoria? 17:09
Stephen: hello 17:09
Brigid: Hello again! 17:10
Lizzy: I just had an email from Victoria. She's in a cafe and internet is giving her problems, but only her, apparently. But she's working on it. 17:10
Kaye M.: Hi! 17:10
Brigid: Ok 17:10
Kaye M.: Ugh. Now Dad is talking about grocery shopping. 17:10
Sarah: it could be what browser she's using 17:10
Kaye M.: TAKE BRO WITH YOU. I don't wanna move. 17:10
victoria: sorry guys, major technical difficulties!! 17:11
CharlieTeen: I move in 2 weeks *shakes* 17:11
Lizzy: It's OK. 17:11
Sarah: It's fine 17:11
LN: It's all right, we were keeping ourselves busy. 17:11
Brigid: That's alright! 17:11
LN: lol did her internet fail again? she's not on the list. 17:11
CharlieTeen: I shall entertain you guys, until the problem is fixed! 17:11
Lizzy: I think so. 17:11
Lizzy: *feels bad* 17:11
Brigid: Yes, entertain me. 17:11
CharlieTeen: *You can buy your hair if it won't grown, you can fix your nose if he says so, you can buy all the make-up that man can make, but if,* 17:12
Kaye M.: Where are you moving, Charlie? 17:12
victoria: I'm worki' to fix this network. Then I'll be back! 17:12
CharlieTeen: *lalala be in a position to make me feel so, DAMN UNPRETTY* 17:12
CharlieTeen: I'm moving to the UK, Kaye. 17:12
Kaye M.: Ah. 17:12
CharlieTeen: My new obsession = Irish accents. 17:12
Brigid: lol 17:13
Brigid: Irish accents are pretty awesome 17:13
Sarah: haha the guy on the Glee project has one 17:13
Lizzy: I love Irish accents. 17:13
CharlieTeen: Exactly Sarah. 17:13
Brigid: I love Irish singers. Like GLEN HANSARD! 17:13
CharlieTeen: T's exactly the reason. 17:13
Stephen: I'm Irish and proud 17:13
Brigid: and The Script 17:13
LN: Op, she's back 17:13
Brigid: I'm also Irish. ish. 17:13
CharlieTeen: Well, I'm moving from Malta to the UK, alone.....at 15, alone.... *dies* 17:13
Brigid: I mean, my name is Brigid. So. 17:14
Brigid: Alone? Oh gosh. 17:14
CharlieTeen: Alone. *dies* 17:14
Sarah: that sounds scary 17:14
Kaye M.: Alone? Why? 17:14
CharlieTeen: Well, I'm moving in with my aunt, but still, alone. T won't be the same. 17:14
Brigid: Of course, I'm going off to college soon. So, aahh. *scared* 17:14
CharlieTeen: It* 17:14
CharlieTeen: SO PEOPLE, Who do you want to win the Glee Project? 17:15
Lizzy: Oooh, what will you be majoring in, Brigid? 17:15
Brigid: I'm going to Hampshire. There aren't majors there. It's kinda complicated... Like, you just study what you're interested in, and then your last year there you do a big project based on your interests. 17:15
Brigid: @Charlie I don't watch the Glee Project, sorry... lol 17:16
Kaye M.: Sounds like my kinda school. 17:16
Brigid: Yeah, it's pretty awesome ^_^ 17:16
Brigid: And, you know, I'll be there. Which makes it awesomer. 17:16
Kaye M.: lol 17:16
Kaye M.: I still need to figure out what I'm gonna do this fall 17:17
Kaye M.: 17:17
Lizzy: Sounds cool! 17:17
CharlieTeen: *And what am I supposed to do, when the best part of me was always you? And, what am I supposed to say when I'm all chocked up and you're ok?* 17:17
Brigid: The Script <3 17:17
CharlieTeen: hm 17:17
Lizzy: I like that song. The REAL version, that is. O_o 17:17
Sarah: theres this family over at my house and the dad is switching between German, French, and English to talk to his two sons 17:17
Brigid: I saw them for realsies! 17:17
Kaye M.: I'm falling to piiiiiiiiieces 17:17
Kaye M.: YES, LIZZY 17:17
Kaye M.: Thank you 17:17
Brigid: They opened at the Adele concert I went to 17:17
CharlieTeen: Also, choked* 17:17
Lizzy: Ooooh, how cool! 17:18
Brigid: The Script + Adele = AWESOOOME. 17:18
Lizzy: (Sarah, that was at you) 17:18
Victoria joined the chat 17:18
Sarah: I know I'm loving listening to it 17:18
Victoria: okay, here's hoping this worked 17:18
Victoria: YES! 17:18
CharlieTeen: Glee = Saves lives. 17:18
Lizzy: It seems to be! 17:18
CharlieTeen: Bonjour, again. Again. 17:18
Brigid: WOOT! 17:18
LN: Yay! 17:19
Sarah: YAY!!! 17:19
Lizzy: Hurrah! 17:19
Victoria: Sorry about that, I'm at a cafe and their wireless was all "nope, I'm napping right now instead" 17:19
Lizzy: So if you're ready, Victoria, without further ado I will explain the question-asking system. 17:19
Kaye M.: Yay 17:19
Victoria: yes! 17:19
Brigid: lol 17:19
Lizzy: I hate when that happens. 17:19
Victoria: Explain away 17:19
Lizzy: The question-asking system: When you have a question, "raise your hand" by typing an exclamation point (!). Your name will be added to a list. When it's your turn to ask a question, I will call your name. 17:19
CharlieTeen: =] 17:19
Kaye M.: Sounds good. 17:19
Lizzy: Also, If you have a question about someone else's question, feel free to ask. 17:19
LN: Wait, so just an exclamation point the first time? 17:19
Brigid: okey dokey! 17:20
Lizzy: Whoever wants to go first, go ahead! 17:20
Lizzy: @LN Treat exclamation points like raising your hand. Any time you have a question, type one, and I'll add your name to the list. 17:20
LN: Ah okay, thanks. 17:20
Kaye M.: (!) 17:20
Lizzy: Go ahead, Kaye. You're first. 17:20
CharlieTeen: ! 17:20
LN: ! 17:20
Lizzy: Gotcha on the list, Charlie. 17:21
Lizzy: Gotcha, LN. 17:21
Victoria: also, let be known that I don't care how random you think your question is - ask anyway 17:21
Kaye M.: Alright. So first of all, thank you so much for your time. I just wanted to know how you became an agent. Did you always aim towards a career with publishing and writing? 17:21
Lizzy: Good question. 17:21
Victoria: You are very welcome. I am happy to be here. I knew I wanted to "work with books" but I didn't know what an agent was until I was in college. I interned at a film and television rights agency and that led to my first job in the industry 17:22
Victoria: the film & tv agent was the co-agent at sterling lord literistic 17:22
Victoria: and he passed my measly resume over to that agency and I started thereLizzy: That's cool! 17:23
Brigid: Nice ^_^ 17:23
Victoria: and in general, I'd been reading, writing, etc... for ages so I 've always been, um, bookish, i guess is the word., Yeah, I got super lucky 17:23
Lizzy: And for the record, whenever you're finished answering Victoria, go ahead and let me know. 17:24
Victoria: I guess that covers it, yeah? 17:24
Lizzy: That's wonderful. Bookish is good. ^^ 17:24
Victoria: bookish is ALWAYS good. 17:24
Victoria: 17:24
Lizzy: Okay, whenever you're ready, go ahead and ask Charlie. 17:24
LN: 17:24
Victoria: so if Kaye M is cool with that answer, hit me again 17:24
CharlieTeen: Is there anything you absolutely despise making an appearance in the first chapter of a manuscript? 17:25
Lizzy: *ask, Charlie. 17:25
Brigid: ! 17:25
Victoria: Oh what a brilliant question... hmmm... 17:25
CharlieTeen: =] 17:25
Lizzy: Gotcha, Brigid. 17:25
Kaye M.: (!) 17:25
LN: ! 17:26
Lizzy: Gotcha, Kaye. 17:26
Lizzy: Gotcha LN 17:26
Victoria: I think that "characters in denial" in the first chapter tend to put me off. 17:26
Victoria: By that I mean when a character sort of shrugs off something that the reader already knows is going to be important 17:26
Lizzy: Interesting. 17:26
LN: like "Oh that? Nah, I can't POSSIBLY be growing fangs...nooo."? 17:27
Brigid: lol! 17:27
Lizzy: *chuckles* 17:27
Victoria: for example, let's say there's a new girl in school and the hot boy in class keeps staring at her intensely... when characters think "oh, there must be something on my face" or "oh, it's probably just a trick of the light" I don't like it. Dude is staring at you! 17:27
Kaye M.: Ha ha, too true. 17:27
Brigid: Yeah, I know whatcha mean... 17:27
LN: oh yeah that too. haha. 17:27
Lizzy: LOL! I know what you mean. 17:27
Victoria: YES, LN exactly 17:27
CharlieTeen: LOL. 17:28
CharlieTeen: ! 17:28
Brigid: I never really thought about that before. But a lot of books do that. 17:28
Lizzy: So you like sharp MCs? 17:28
Lizzy: Gotcha, Charlie. 17:28
Sarah: (I have to go Mum needs help... we have over 30 puppies. Bye everyone! Thank you Victoria!) 17:28
Victoria: I also don't like one dimensional mean girls showing up right away. 17:28
Lizzy: Awww. Bye Sarah! 17:28
Brigid: 30 puppies! 17:28
Brigid: Bye Sarah! 17:28
Victoria: Aww bye sarah! Sorry! 17:28
LN: (oh wow, 30 puppies! Bye Sarah!) 17:28
Sarah: this is being recorded, right? 17:28
Kaye M.: Bye Sarah! 17:28
Lizzy: Yes, Sarah. It'll all be on the forums. 17:28
Sarah: haha it use to be 44 but 14 went home 17:28
Stephen: bye 17:28
Sarah: Thank! bye! 17:28
Lizzy: Oh my. 44 puppies! O_O 17:29
Victoria: Also, one dimensional mean girls AT ALL.... um, cliches, MAJOR climactic scenes that haven't had the chance to build tension 17:29
Brigid: Wowzah. 17:29
LN: lol "Mean Girls".... 17:29
CharlieTeen: Dream sequences? 17:29
Brigid: I was gonna say that. lol! Love that movie. 17:29
Victoria: I love stories that start with a bang, but there needs to be some time for tension to build (also,m 44 puppies is the cutest insansity ever) 17:29
Brigid: But yeah, clichéd mean girls... blah. 17:29
LN: (lol cutest insanity) 17:30
Brigid: Cute Insanity ... could be a band name 17:30
Victoria: so those are the sorts of things that will have me just closing an MS right away 17:30
Lizzy: What about prologues? I know there's a lot of discussion about those. 17:30
LN: Haha Lizzy, that was the question I was going to ask. lol 17:30
Lizzy: LOL! Ooops. I stole it. ^^ 17:30
Victoria: Okay, here's my deal with prologues. I like them - when they're necessary and work. And they're often not and don't 17:31
CharlieTeen: Amen. 17:31
Brigid: Mmhmm. 17:31
Victoria: I'm trying to think of examples of books with awesome prologues 17:31
Lizzy: Yeah. 17:31
Brigid: *thinks*
Brigid: I always liked the prologue of Holes 17:32
Victoria: because the idea is they should be short and intruiging, but so often they veer into first chapter territory 17:32
CharlieTeen: Time Traveler's wife? 17:32
Kaye M.: YES! 17:32
Kaye M.: (That was for Brigid and Holes) 17:32
Brigid: Woot! 17:32
LN: How long would it have to be to venture off into first chapter land? 17:33
Brigid: There is no lake at Camp Greenlake.... 17:33
Victoria: I think anything over 4 pages is too long for a prologue 17:33
Lizzy: *nods* That makes sense. 17:33
Brigid: Sounds reasonable 17:33
Victoria: I have very little patience, but in a way that makes me a good agent, because most of your readers aren't going to have patience 17:33
CharlieTeen: Wildefire's prologue is.....long. 17:34
Victoria: or give you the benefit of the doubt 17:34
Victoria: TOO LONG! @CharlieTeen 17:34
CharlieTeen: I agree. 17:34
Lizzy: Very true! 17:34
LN: OH LOL I didn't notice it was a prologue until now. 17:34
Kaye M.: So are we still going by the exclamation mark? 17:34
LN: *just started on book* 17:34
CharlieTeen: We are Kaye, but these questions are all related to the first chapter/prologue thing. 17:35
Lizzy: @Kaye, Yes we are, Kaye. 17:35
Lizzy: These are questions about the question. 17:35
Kaye M.: Ah, okay. 17:35
CharlieTeen: ^ 17:35
Kaye M.: Because I have two now. 17:35
Lizzy: If you have a question that's off topic, it gets its own exclamation point. 17:35
Kaye M.: Jsyk. 17:35
Lizzy: Okay. I'll list you again, Kaye. 17:35
Lizzy: @Victoria Are you ready for the next ? 17:36
LN: And for prologues, are dream-prologues a no-no? Or does it depend on how well it is written? 17:36
LN: (lol sorry, I have a prologue on my book so I have lots of questions about it) 17:36
Victoria: yeah, I've tweeted about the prologue so maybe we'll nget some examples. As a general rule, I think dream prologues are a bit of a cop-out 17:36
Victoria: it's like when you get to the end of a TV show and it's all "he's NOT dead, it was a dream..." that kind of pisses me off 17:37
Lizzy: Oooh. I've never read/watched something like that. O_O 17:37
Brigid: Yeah... 17:37
Constance joined the chat 17:37
Victoria: you're young... there were so many shows in the early 90's that did that s**t 17:38
LN: lolol Victoria 17:38
Lizzy: That sounds SO frustrating. 17:38
Victoria: seriously, it was nickelodeons GO TO when they couldn't explain something 17:38
Brigid: lol! 17:38
Lizzy: Hah. 17:38
Victoria: so, LN you good? 17:38
Lizzy: Okay, because of time, let's move along. LN, you're next on my list, so just ask whichever question comes next. 17:38
Lizzy: *whichever question you have next 17:39
LN: Yes. I think I'll just query you and see what you say. It's not one of those "oh btw he didn't die" ones, don't worry. 17:39
Constance: (*waves* *whispers* Hello!) 17:39
Lizzy: *likes that* ^ 17:39
Lizzy: *waves at Constance* 17:39
Brigid: Hi Constance! 17:39
Kaye M.: (Hi, Constance darling!) 17:39
LN: Okay, my question is: I was wondering what your thoughts are on male MCs. I’ve been hearing things from other agents on how male MCs are more tough to sell than books about girl MCs. Is it true? And if so, how hard is it in comparison to girl MCs? 17:39
Victoria: (@LN go for it! I'll tell you if it's working) 17:39
CharlieTeen: (Moo.) 17:39
LN: (hello, Constance!) 17:40
Victoria: So, yes, Male MCs are harder b/c the market contains more young girls reading than boys 17:40
Lizzy: Wow. I've never heard that one. I thought a male MC would sell better since it's rarer? 17:40
Brigid: Ooh, that's a good question. 17:40
Lizzy: Oh. That makes sense. 17:40
André joined the chat 17:40
CharlieTeen: Oh...dang it. 17:40
Brigid: Yeah that's true... 17:40
Victoria: So, editors need to fight harder with their co-workers, publishers, marketing & sales, and acquisitions board to get Male MCs approved 17:40
Brigid: Personally I like male MCs 17:41
LN: (@CharlieTeen, that was my exact reaction. >.> 17:41
CharlieTeen: What if it's alternating point of view? Male and Female MC'S? 17:41
Victoria: But, that being said, if someone tells you "sorry, I;m not representing this book because your MC is male" then they're not giving you a fair shake AT ALL 17:41
Brigid: But, I'm not picky about that I guess 17:41
Lizzy: Andre! 17:41
André: Lizzy! ^_^ 17:41
LN: All right, but if it was a male MC that would appeal to female readers...then it'd have a chance? 17:41
Victoria: it's harder, but it's not impossible, and I've never heard of anyone turning something down just because the protagonist is a boy 17:41
Constance: Canadian!!!!! 17:41
Victoria: I have one YA on submission that's a male MC and I loved it! I signed it in a day! 17:42
LN: Haha okay. I feel better now. I was seriously freaking out when I heard about male MCs being tough to sell. Thank you, Victoria. 17:42
Lizzy: Oh wow. What a lucky writer. ^^ 17:42
Tori joined the chat 17:42
Lizzy: Hi Tori! 17:43
Lizzy: Okay, next quesiton. Brigid, it's your turn. 17:43
Brigid: Ooh, ok... 17:43
Tori: Hello 17:43
Victoria: Hi new folks! Tori, Constance, Andre 17:43
Brigid: Ok so, I know you represent YA and I'm just wondering, is there any particular subgenre you're interested in at the moment? And/or do you have an example of a published YA book that'd be the kind of thing you'd like to represent? 17:44
Stephen: ! 17:44
Lizzy: @Tori Are you BirdyBooks? 17:44
Lizzy: Gotcha Stpehen. 17:44
Lizzy: *Stephen 17:44
Victoria: okay, so right now I'm looking for light commercial sci-fi, mystery (Veronica Mars, NOT Nancy Drew) Thriller, Horror 17:44
Kaye M.: (!) 17:45
Tori: @Lizzy Yes! I though two Victoria's might be confusing... 17:45
Victoria: because i think that there are holes in the YA market and I want to fill them 17:45
Constance: Hi Victoria! Thank you for doing this chat! 17:45
LN: (Hey, Lizzy, I think I might be up next somewhere, can you delete me because Brigid just asked my question. LOL) 17:45
Kaye M.: So you don't go for fantasy then? 17:45
Lizzy: Gotcha, Kaye. 17:45
Lizzy: @LN No problem! 17:45
Victoria: and in terms of published books I love LOOKING FOR ALASKA, CAMO GIRL, SLICE OF CHERRY, MAGIC UNDER GLASS 17:45
Constance: (Oh, Veronica Mars was a good show #random) 17:45
André: Yay, Looking for Alaska! John Green is amazing. ^_^ 17:46
LN: (Nerdfighters unite! Anyone?) 17:46
Brigid: He is! 17:46
Victoria: I'm super excited about the unbecoming of mara dyer... also @Kaye M - It's rare for me to be drawn to it 17:46
Victoria: but there are always exceptions 17:46
Victoria: I lost to someone else in a bidding war once and that was a fantasy book 17:46
André: *does Nerdfighter hand signal logo thing* 17:46
LN: What if it was an urban fantasy that had an element of horror/thriller? 17:47
Victoria: like, knights, magic, forests, horses, tolkien style fantasy 17:47
Constance: Okay, I'm leaving. Just wanted to pop in. *waves* I loved the questions that were asked while I was here. ^_^ Bye friends and acquaintances and awesome agent! 17:47
Brigid: Yeah I was gonna ask that ... like, fantasy/horror? 17:47
LN: (Bye Constance!) 17:47
Victoria: Urban Fantasy Horror would be great 17:47
Kaye M.: (Adieu, Constance! ) 17:47
Lizzy: Bye, Twin! 17:47
André: ! 17:47
Lizzy: Gotcha, Andre. 17:47
Brigid: *fistpump* 17:47
LN: *happy dance* 17:47
LN: *high fives Brigid* 17:47
Lizzy: Okay, if you're all ready, next question is Kaye's. 17:48
Brigid: XD 17:48
Victoria: because I feel like the UF market is saturated, but the Horror element would be the commerciak hook 17:48
Kaye M.: Ooh, moi? 17:48
Lizzy: Oui, toi. ^^ 17:48
Victoria: something that makes it stand out... 17:48
Victoria: okay go for it! 17:48
Brigid: Thanks for answering my question Victoria! Sorry guys I have to go eat dinner but hopefully I can come back in a few minutes... 17:48
Brigid: *waves* 17:48
LN: Bye Brigid! *waves* 17:48
Lizzy: Okay! *waves* 17:48
Kaye M.: Okay, so are there any notable projects/authors you've represented? Just to get a further background. 17:48
Victoria: enjoy your dinner, Brigid! 17:48
LN: ! 17:49
Victoria: none that would be familiar unless you're scouring Publishers Marketplace... I've only been an associate agent for a year and I've sold 5 books, only 1 of which is listed right now 17:49
Lizzy: Gotcha, LN. 17:49
Kaye M.: Which one? 17:49
Victoria: but I've sold a YA urban fantasy (contracts are in the mail) I sold 3 adult books 17:49
Victoria: the one that's listed is a fiction debut called THE DANGER OF PROXIMAL ALPHABETS 17:50
Victoria: I do represent a girl named Hannah Sternberg 17:50
Kaye M.: Hm. 17:50
Victoria: who's first book (which I didn't sell or rep.) is coming out in OCtober from a super small press called Bancroft 17:50
Kaye M.: So, agent-speaking, does it take more years of experience to be able to get in with a larger company? 17:51
Kaye M.: (I hope this doesn't count as a separate question, Lizzy) 17:51
LN: (Haha Victoria, I saw your tweet calling for good prologues just now. It's good to see you're so dedicated.) 17:51
Lizzy: (Kind of, but it's OK) 17:51
Victoria: not necessarily, no. The first company I was at was HUGE 17:51
Victoria: and they hired me right outof school, but the bigger agencies aren't always better 17:51
Lizzy: And Charlie, get ready. Whenever this question is finished, it's your turn. 17:52
Victoria: b/c you can sort of suffer from little fish big pond syndrome, it's easy to be ignored and to have your projects ignored by your superiors 17:52
Kaye M.: lol. I meant with being able to get your client represented with a publishing company. 17:52
Victoria: ohhhhhhh s***. sorry 17:52
Victoria: SORRY!!! 17:52
Kaye M.: It's okay 17:52
Lizzy: Hehe. 17:52
Kaye M.: That was a good answer too. 17:52
LN: (Hey Lizzy, can you tell me how many people are before me? I have to go water the plants in the garden for a minute) 17:53
LN: LOL Victoria. 17:53
Lizzy: @LN You have 5 people before you. Your'e good! 17:53
Victoria: it's a matter of experience, but only because it's based on building relationships with editors 17:53
Lizzy: *you're 17:53
Victoria: which takes time 17:53
LN: (thanks. Be right back, everybody.) 17:53
Victoria: that's what I did the first 2 years I was assisting my bosses and not taking on clients. All i was doing was meeting editors 17:53
Victoria: so in that way, it does take time 17:54
Kaye M.: Alright, thank you. 17:54
Lizzy: Go ahead, Charlie. 17:54
CharlieTeen: My question: Everyone's advice is normally to read in your genre and understand your genre, and with young adult, I understand them to mean the sub-genres, too, like Fantasy, Paranormal..etc. I for one am the type of writer that loves to break genre lines and mix it up a little. From what I've heard, my story classifies under "High Fantasy", but I don't see it that way all, excepting the made-up worlds. *confusion* So I guess my question is, how do you feel about (sub[?])genre breaking? 17:54
CharlieTeen: *lets out breath* 17:54
CharlieTeen: 17:54
Victoria: but I firmly believe that neo-agents are great because we work SUPER hard to prove ourselves so you'll never get ignored 17:54
Lizzy: Good question, Charlie. 17:55
Victoria: so, here's the thing Charlie. This is where the "business of art" gets tricky. I LOVE breaking up genres and changing things up, but you need to know where you see it in a book store. 17:55
Victoria: if an Editor can't tell Barnes & Noble "it goes on THIS shelf" they can't buy it 17:55
CharlieTeen: Is just saying "Young adult Fantasy' not enough? 17:56
Lizzy: Hm. That makes total sense. 17:56
CharlieTeen: Because ultimately.... that's what it is. 17:56
Victoria: but you don't have to say "it's High Fantasy." You can say "it's High Fantasy with x y and z" or "It's X with elements of high fantasy" 17:56
CharlieTeen: Ah. Okay. That's good. 17:57
Victoria: you can say "young adult fantasy" if that's what you believe it is. If it's not - an agent will correct you 17:57
Lizzy: Awesome. Kaye, you're next, whenever you're ready. 17:57
CharlieTeen: Thanks. 17:57
Victoria: hit me, Kaye 17:57
CharlieTeen: .... 17:57
Victoria: you're welcome CharlieTeen 17:57
Kaye M.: Alrighty. Let's see.. 17:57
CharlieTeen: =] 17:57
Kaye M.: Okay, would you suggest being an agent as a job for a teenager looking to get into the publishing industry? 17:58
Kaye M.: I have a friend who's really interested in that line of career choice. 17:58
Victoria: (*note, FALLEN has a good prologue - twitter folks reminded me) 17:58
CharlieTeen: It..does? O_O 17:58
LN: *goes check first pages on amazon* 17:59
Kaye M.: (Lizzy, am I listed for one more question?)
Lizzy: @Kate Yes you are. 17:59
Victoria: well, it depends on the friend. Being an agent is very rewarding, but it's also very difficult sometimes. Think of all the times querying authors hear "no thanks!" and then multiply it by 10, 20, 30 etc... It can be extremely discouraging. You're broke for the first 6-10 years you do it. But you also love going to workm, which might be priceless. 18:00
Victoria: in terms of using an internship at an agency as a jumping off point to the industry 18:00
Victoria: yes, it's a great option. You learn a LOT about the market and about being a keen reader 18:00
LN: (Oh, right. The first few pages are set in London 1854 *checked Fallen just now*) 18:00
Victoria: and aboout who is looking for what or WHY things might not work when you originally think they did. 18:00
André: (Can I add a question or two to this one? If not, I have another question, whenever it gets to my turn again. XD) 18:01
Lizzy: Yes, you may Andre. 18:01
Lizzy: If they're quick. 18:01
CharlieTeen: Can i (!)? Or is it too late because of the time? I don't know how long this is going on for.. 18:01
Victoria: I was late getting here so I can stick around 18:01
Lizzy: We're out of time for any more, Charlie. 18:01
André: Well, I was wondering how important it is to have some sort of university or college degree in order to get into publishing, whether as an editor or agent or whatever. 18:01
Lizzy: Okay. If it's good with you Victoria, I'll put you on the end of the list, Charlie. 18:02
CharlieTeen: mmk 18:02
Victoria: for another 10-15 if I need to - sure 18:02
Victoria: it's cool with me 18:02
Lizzy: Okay. Hopefully, we won't be that long. 18:02
CharlieTeen: =] 18:02
Lizzy: Thank you. 18:02
Victoria: not to worry, I'll tell you if I have to bail and this cafe is playing awesome music 18:02
CharlieTeen: I have to be at the airport tomorrow morning. But i'm not tired. I hate time differences. *kicks 1am in the face* 18:02
Lizzy: LOL! 18:03
Victoria: @charlieteen it's 1 a.m there! I'd be so cranky! 18:03
Lizzy: Did you get Andre's question, Victoria? ^^ 18:03
Brigid: I'm back! 18:04
Victoria: oh sorry! hang on 18:04
Lizzy: Yay Brigid! We're just wrapping up. 18:04
Brigid: Ok 18:04
CharlieTeen: Actually, 1am is nothing. I'm normally up to 5am going to all these things. 18:04
Lizzy: And Stephen, you're next, so you can go ahead and prepare your question awhile. 18:04
Brigid: O_O 18:04
Victoria: sorry Andre! hmmm. I don't know for sure, but I think it's important. 18:04
Victoria: Obviously, if you can demonsrate those reading and editing skills without the degree, that's helpful, but almost all the agents & editors I know have a bachelors 18:05
Victoria: you do NOT need a masters, though 18:05
André: Okay 18:05
Lizzy: Stephen, go ahead. 18:05
Stephen: ok let's see what do you think about having pieces of dialogues in other languages in a text? should it be written with the translation or written in the same language than the rest of the text but written beside it that it is in a different language? 18:06
André: Thanks 18:06
Lizzy: Oooh. Interesting question! 18:06
Victoria: so, it depends on how essential the dialgoue is and what you can understand from the context 18:06
Lizzy: And Kaye, you're next after Stephen, so go ahead and get your ? ready. 18:06
Victoria: I've read a few things where a character will, like, swear in spanish or french and I might know what the word is - but I can tell based on the scene that the characeter is saying something bad 18:07
Lizzy: Hmm. 18:07
Brigid: Interesting 18:07
Victoria: if it's expository or extensive, then I need to understand in some way 18:07
Victoria: it might not have to be word for word, I've seen books where characters will speak in a foreign language and then summarize to another character 18:08
Brigid: It's always bugged me when like, a character says something in another language and then immediately translates it into English. Like, "Hola! Hello!" Because it's like, obviously the other character understands... 18:08
Victoria: yeah, no, that doesn't work but like I'm repping a book now where the protagonist's best friend is spanish 18:08
Lizzy: Okay, if you're good, Stephen, we've got to move along. 18:09
Lizzy: Go ahead, Kaye. 18:09
Stephen: thanks 18:09
Victoria: and the best friend will occasionally just start spouting in spanish and then she'll realize and explain to the MC what she just said 18:09
Lizzy: Andre, you're question is next after Kaye, so go ahead and get it ready. 18:09
Kaye M.: Alright. This was just for curiosity's sake. What book is already out there that, in an alternate universe, you would have loved to represent? 18:09
Victoria: hit me, Kaye you're welcome Kaye 18:09
Victoria: oops 18:09
Victoria: meant Stephen 18:09
Victoria: sorry 18:09
Lizzy: Interesting question, Kaye! 18:09
Kaye M.: It's along the same lines of a novel you'd like to write 18:10
Kaye M.: Which I think about a lot 18:10
André: Oh...you can skip my next question, if we're going too long or if there are others you wanted to get to. 18:10
Victoria: OMG KAYE< so many... anything by John Green or Laurie Anderson 18:10
Lizzy: LN has a question after you and then Charlie, but that's it. 18:10
Lizzy: If it's quick, we have time. 18:10
Victoria: BEFORE I FALL by Lauren Olliver 18:10
Victoria: The Book Theif 18:11
LN: (OMG Laurie Anderson. <3 Her writing/voice is just so beautiful/haunting.) 18:11
Brigid: The Book Thief!!!! 18:11
Brigid: That's my favorite book ever. 18:11
André: I don't know if it's quick...You can come back to it if there's time. 18:11
Victoria: there's an upcoming MG called FETCHING about a girl who uses dog training tricks on the mean kids at her school 18:11
Lizzy: Okay. 18:11
Victoria: HEIST SOCIIETY was super fun 18:11
Victoria: so many 18:11
Lizzy: You're next, LN. Go ahead. 18:11
Lizzy: I have yet to read Heist Society. 18:12
LN: Alrighty 18:12
Victoria: it's popcorn worthy! I so enjoyed it. 18:12
Lizzy: Haha! FETCHING sounds fun. 18:12
LN: If a writer is planning on using a pen name (and does all social networking like Twitter, blog, writer forums with that name), should he/she query as that name or just mention something about it in the last paragraph of the query letter? 18:12
Lizzy: Oooh. Good question. 18:12
LN: (not to mention, online conventions like Write On Con) 18:12
Lizzy: Charlie, your last question is next, so go ahead and prepare it. 18:12
Kaye M.: Heist Society <3 18:12
Victoria: I think querying as you and saying like "LN writing as person X" or something to indicate you use a pen name works fine 18:13
Lizzy: Hmm. 18:14
Lizzy: Go ahead, Charlie. 18:14
Victoria: it's just nice to feel like you're getting to know someone when you're reading they're work and we always keep it a secret, but that's just my personal opinion 18:14
Victoria: ****their 18:15
Lizzy: Oh! There WAS more. Sorry, Victoria! 18:15
Victoria: OMG I can't believe I just did that 18:15
Victoria: no, no, it's okay, I am done now - having demonstrated my poor grasp of gramar 18:15
LN: Oh okay. Thank you. Nathan Bransford mentioned something like (w/a Mr. Pen Name) and I was confused on what he meant by w/a 18:15
Lizzy: *laughs* 18:15
Victoria: and spelling... *grammar 18:15
CharlieTeen: Question: What should a client put at the end of a query letter if they don't have anything to say about themselves? s/he's never been published (in a magazine or something) and has no degrees (due to the fact that s/he didn't got to college or is still in their teens.) Also, I heard it's best not to mention you are a teen in the query?) And, I always ask every agent this: If you intend the story to be a series, do you query it as a stand-alone that has the potential to be a series, or...what? Thanks 18:15
LN: (lol Victoria, it's fine. We're all human.) 18:16
Lizzy: Wow. That was quite the question fest. 18:16
CharlieTeen: ;D 18:16
CharlieTeen: I take my opportunities, girl. 18:16
Lizzy: Clearly. 18:16
Kaye M.: lol Charlie. 18:16
LN: At least they're all kind of related to each other. LOL 18:16
Victoria: so, honestly, (and this is not an insult) you really don't matter as much as you think. If the book is good and the query letter is good, I don't care where you went to school or didn't go to school etc... 18:16
Lizzy: *laughs aloud* Great answer. 18:17
Victoria: and don't mention being a teenager not because it's a hinderance but because no one else mentiones their age 18:17
CharlieTeen: Okay good! 18:17
Victoria: not like 30 year old are like "I'm middle aged" 18:17
CharlieTeen: Because I am not even remotely interesting. 18:17
Brigid: lol 18:17
Victoria: if you don';t have anything just say "I;m Charlie, I live X and I like...etc" 18:17
LN: (lol I queried by saying I was 14 a few years ago. Got 20 rejections in a row. Whooo-eee) 18:17
CharlieTeen: Haha 18:17
Lizzy: Oh wow, LN! How disheartening! 18:18
CharlieTeen: I'm Charlie, I lived in Malta for 15 years, have moved to the UK for studies, and I like cheese. 18:18
Victoria: it's great for publicity, but that's AFTER someone wants the book 18:18
CharlieTeen: I've got my last line, WOO 18:18
Brigid: Oh, sometimes I just never say anything about myself ... is that bad? 18:18
Lizzy: Okay, if you're OK with it Victoria, we have a minute for Andre's last question? 18:18
Lizzy: And that will wrap up the evening. 18:18
Kaye M.: Charlie, I'll be happy for you after you write the FIRST LINE. 18:18
Brigid: Because, I haven't really done anything publishing-wise 18:18
LN: (although I did get a partial request. Which was surprising. A lot of the agents were very nice in their rejections though. "OMG your query letter was so much better than the adults. GOOD JOB!") 18:18
Lizzy: @Charlie What Kaye said. 18:18
CharlieTeen: SHUSH KAYE 18:18
CharlieTeen: meant last line of the query 18:18
Lizzy: @LN Aww, thank goodness for that! 18:19
Kaye M.: Oh, no, boy. You did NOT just shush me. 18:19
CharlieTeen: *hugs* 18:19
Lizzy: *chuckles* 18:19
Victoria: hahah you don't have to talk about yourself, usually your name is enough 18:19
Victoria: we glean your personality from the book you wrote and you query letter 18:19
Lizzy: *relieved* 18:19
Brigid: Okey dokey. Phew. 18:19
Lizzy: Andre, you can ask your question quick. 18:19
CharlieTeen: =] Okay, Awesome. 18:20
André: I’ve heard writers/writers’ agents generally try to get a series deal first, to get establishedwhen one has a deal like that, does that mean they have to have all books in that series published before they can publish anything else? Or would one be able to publish the first book in one, then the first in another, then go back and publish the second and third in the first series, etc? 18:20
Lizzy: Wow. Copy/paste much? *smiles* 18:20
André: It's faster. ^_^ 18:20
Kaye M.: These boys know where to seize the opportunity. 18:20
Lizzy: Quite! 18:20
CharlieTeen: =] 18:20
LN: (Lizzy--that's the pro way to do it. haha) 18:20
Victoria: hmmmm this one's a bit complicated. It can happen (publishing the first in one series and then switching around) 18:21
Lizzy: Apparently so. XD 18:21
CharlieTeen: Because I'm a pro, yo. 18:21
Victoria: but publishers have something called a "competing works" clause which would prevent you from publishing anything that could compete with the first book 18:21
LN: even if it was your own book? O_O 18:22
Victoria: it's standard in all the contracts, so only on a case by case basis could you figure out if you'd be permitted to jump around that way 18:22
André: I'm asking because I don't want to end up getting "branded" as the author of a specific series or genre...I like writing too many different things. 18:22
Victoria: yeah... let's say dutton childrens buys your series about teens stuck in a cabin or something 18:22
André: Even if you publish with the same company? 18:22
Kaye M.: Thanks so much! It's getting close to break-fast time, so I need to go and help fam. 18:23
Kaye M.: *hugs* 18:23
Victoria: well, they're not going to let you write another book about anything even remotely similar to that b/c you might spread yourself too thin 18:23
Lizzy: *hugs* Glad you came, Kaye! 18:23
Victoria: yes, even with the same company, but like I said, it CAN happen 18:23
LN: (Bye Kaye! Hope you enjoy your breakfast! ) 18:23
Victoria: it's just not too common 18:23
Victoria: bye Kaye1 18:23
Lizzy: Hmm. Interesting. 18:23
Lizzy: Okay, I actually have to run. Are we good with your question, Andre? 18:24
Stephen: bye Kaye 18:24
André: Yeah. Thanks! 18:24
Victoria: excellent 18:24
Victoria: so we're all set then yeah? 18:24
CharlieTeen: =] 18:24
Lizzy: *are you good 18:24
Lizzy: Okay, yes! 18:24
CharlieTeen: Thanks so much. 18:24
Lizzy: Thank you SO MUCH Victoria! 18:24
Victoria: these cafe folk are none too happy with me. I've one coffee and I've been taking up this table for a while 18:24
Lizzy: Hahah. Awww. 18:25
Victoria: YOU ARE VERY WELCOME 18:25
André: Hah! You can blame it on us. 18:25
Victoria: I have had a fun time here 18:25
Brigid: Thank you Victoria! That was oh so enlightening! 18:25
Lizzy: Your answers were all awesome! 18:25
Victoria: I'll just get more caffeine 18:25
LN: Thank you so much Victoria! If I plan on querying you any time soon, should I mention my participating in this in the letter or no? 18:25
Stephen: thank you 18:25
Lizzy: Everyone else: There is a follow up chat HERE: http://writeonteens.blogspot.com/p/chatr... And this entire Agent Chat will be up on the forums to view later. 18:25
Brigid: Also, you have my partial right now... heh heh. 18:25
Victoria: if anyone has more you can always tweet me 18:25
Lizzy: *smiles at Brigid* LOL! 18:25
Victoria: Brigid! You Sneak! 18:25
Brigid: XD 18:26
Victoria: it's all good. 18:26
Lizzy: Awesome. Thank you again, Victoria! 18:26
Brigid: Yes, thanks! 18:26
Brigid: I need to now go pack ... going on vacation tomorrow. 18:26
Victoria: okay, everyone, thank you for the lovely chat! You're welcome! Go have fun on your weekend! 18:26
Lizzy: You too! 18:26
Victoria: and vacations 18:26
Victoria: Byeeee 18:26
André: Bye! 18:26
Brigid: Bye! 18:26
Stephen: bye 18:27
CharlieTeen: Bye. 18:27
LN: Bye, Victoria! Bye everybody! Thanks Lizzy for moderating! 18:27
Brigid: Yes thanks to Lizzy as well! 18:27
Brigid: ok gtg now. Bye everyone!

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