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Agent Chat #8: Laura Bradford

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Agent Chat #8: Laura Bradford

Post  Maggie on Fri Nov 11, 2011 8:29 pm

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Maggie opened the chat 16:40
Maggie: Hey Charlie. 16:40
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Maggie: Hey! 16:48
Maggie: Can you get in? 16:48
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Maggie: Click "Join Chat" to start chatting in here. 16:49
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Maggie: Yay! 16:49
Charliee: Heyy =] 16:49
Maggie: Hi. 16:49
Maggie: It's been FOREVER. 16:49
Maggie: How've you been? 16:49
Charliee: Was not working for me. Was stuck on the page thingy. 16:49
Charliee: I KNOW!! 16:49
Charliee: It's been hectic since I've moved so sorry =[ 16:49
Charliee: What happened to Lizzie? 16:50
Maggie: Hehe, I *am* Lizzy. I decided to reveal my real first name. 16:50
Maggie: So hi. Nice to meet you. Officially. 16:50
Charliee: I know you are Lizzy. xD 16:50
Charliee: You'd told me your name was Maggie aha. 16:50
Maggie: Really? 16:50
Maggie: Wow. 16:50
Charliee: Why'd you decide on switching then? 16:50
Maggie: I don't remember that! 16:50
Maggie: I got tired of being anonymous. 16:51
Maggie: I wanted to be me. =) 16:51
Charliee: Good <3 16:51
Maggie: Plus I grew a bit more trusting of the online world. 16:51
Maggie: So you're bringing a friend tonight? 16:51
Laura Bradford joined the chat 16:52
Maggie: Hi Laura! 16:52
Maggie: Welcome! 16:52
Charliee: Yeah, Rina should be on her way 16:52
Charliee: Hello. 16:52
Maggie: I just got her registration & emailed her. =) 16:53
Charliee: I actually tried playing Hockey yesterday during P.E 16:54
Charliee: Oh my God. I'm in pain all over. 16:54
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Maggie: Oooh. How fun! (The hockey. Not the pain.) 16:54
Maggie: Hi Rina! Welcome! 16:54
Rina: hallo 16:54
Charliee: Hello my Rina 16:55
Charliee: *calls you* 16:55
Charliee: How have you been, Maggie? 16:56
Maggie: Hmm. Busy! But overall pretty good. 16:56
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Charliee: Oops. Wrong button. xD 16:56
Maggie: Okay. We have a handful more teens that are on the way. 16:56
Charliee: How's the novel coming along? 16:56
Maggie: I'm in the midst of my NaNo novel. Just hit halfway point today. *cheers* And it's going fine! 16:57
Maggie: How about yours? 16:57
Maggie: @Laura Everything good with the chatroom? 16:57
Charliee: Oh Lord. I was doing Nano. I'm still at 3k -.- And what I've written is absolutely horrific! 16:58
Rina: is not 16:58
Maggie: When will you learn Charlie? *sighs* But good for you for trying anyway! 16:58
Charliee: I don't know why there's a Charliee and a Charlie. Both are me, but I don't know how I made two. 16:58
Maggie: (And by learn, I mean to give yourself grace. ) 16:58
AnnaBeezers joined the chat 16:58
Charliee: <3 16:58
Maggie: Charlie is offline. 16:58
Maggie: Hi AnnaBeezers! Welcome! 16:58
AnnaBeezers: Hi! =) 16:59
Maggie: Wow! Bright red. *likes it* 16:59
Rina: lello 16:59
Maggie: Well, one minute to go. Our agent is here, but I'm not sure she's *here*... 16:59
AnnaBeezers: Thanks! I came in w/ purple. But didn't wanna step on Charliee's toes lol 16:59
Charliee: 16:59
Maggie: Hehe. I like the red better than the purple, actually. Shh! ^^ 16:59
Charliee: Purple <3 16:59
Charliee: 17:00
Laura Bradford: Everything is good here 17:00
Maggie: Yay! 17:00
Maggie: Ready to start everyone? 17:00
Rina: mhmm 17:00
Laura Bradford: Yes 17:00
Maggie: Okay, first off, to state the incredibly obvious, our guest agent is Laura Bradford in green! 17:00
Charliee: 17:01
Maggie: This is tonight's question-asking system: When you have a question, raise your hand by typing an exclamation point (!). I will put your name on a list. Then, I'll let you know when it's your turn to ask! Nov 11
Maggie: If you have any questions about Laura's answer to someone else's question, feel free to ask! 17:01
Maggie: Any questions about the system? 17:01
Laura Bradford: Nope 17:01
Charliee: Unless your Katniss and go against the System. 17:02
Charliee: But whatever. 17:02
Maggie: Awesome. Let the questions begin! 17:02
Maggie: Hehehe. 17:02
Charliee: Hunger Games Trailer on Monday <3 17:02
Charliee: *shuts up* 17:02
Maggie: @Charlie (I know!!) 17:02
Charliee: (!) 17:02
Maggie: Go ahead Charlie. You're first! 17:02
Maggie: (And while Charlie asks, feel free to raise your hand! I'm keeping track.) 17:03
Charliee: Woot. Okay, so Hello!!! I just want to get to know you a little bit first, so I'd like to ask: Which is your favourite novel of all time and why? And which is your favourite YA novel and why? 17:03
Maggie: ! (stealing the next question here) 17:04
AnnaBeezers: (!) 17:05
Maggie: Gotcha, Anna! 17:05
Laura Bradford: Hmmm, I don't know that I have 1 favorite of all time. More like a top 5. My top 5 will probably reveal a lot about my taste: Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas, Honor's Splendour by Julie Garwood, Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Cruisie, Cry No More by Linda Howard, Naken in death, JD Robb 17:06
Maggie: *hasn't heard of any of those* 17:07
Laura Bradford: As for my favorite YA... right now it is one of my client's book, Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols. If it helps, she published it before she was my client 17:07
Charliee: Thanks 17:07
Laura Bradford: They are all romances. I have a clear romance bias in my taste 17:07
Maggie: Ahh! I see. 17:08
Charliee: OH!! LOVE STORY! 17:08
Laura Bradford: Everything I like has got romance in it whether or not it IS a romance 17:08
Charliee: I was about to pick that up. 17:08
Maggie: So, just a quick question about that... 17:08
Maggie: Does subtle romance not count? 17:08
Laura Bradford: Not count? I am not sure what you mean by not count. If a ms has romantic elements, that counts. 17:09
Maggie: Okay. I meant more like "Does subtle romance count?" 17:10
Maggie: Okay, gotcha. Thanks! =) 17:10
Maggie: And I have the next question. Nov 11
Maggie: I've asked every agent this so far, I think, because I like the different answers. What is your personal opinion on teens querying and published teens in general? 17:11
Rina: ! 17:12
Maggie: Gotcha Rina. 17:12
Laura Bradford: I have no issue with it, personally. But that teen will get held to the same standard I hold an adult writer to. You don't get a pass on being good just because your age is a novelty 17:12
Maggie: Hehe, awesome. I like that. 17:13
Laura Bradford: That said, I have never been tempted by any teen work I have received 17:13
Maggie: Eeep. Did they mention they were teens? 17:13
Charliee: ! 17:13
Maggie: Gotcha Charlie. 17:13
Charliee: Oh yeah, that was my question xD 17:13
AnnaBeezers: Was it poor quality writing? Or poor concept? 17:14
Maggie: Haha, it's okay to ask about an answer without raising your hands. 17:14
Charliee: Oh yeah. xD So do you prefer it when teens mention they are teens in their query letters? 17:14
Laura Bradford: Sometimes teens mention their age. I assume some don't in which case I have no idea the age of who is querying. 17:14
Maggie: Hang on though, take it one at a time. Nov 11
Rina: my question is... somewhat attatched to that 17:15
Maggie: You can ask when she's answered the other two, Rina. 17:16
Rina: mmk 17:16
Laura Bradford: I might pass for a variety of reasons...I don't know that there is a really a common denominator on that that is related to age. 17:17
Amanda joined the chat 17:18
Laura Bradford: can you give me a quick sec? 17:18
Maggie: Yeah, sure! 17:18
Maggie: AMANDA!! *hugs* 17:18
Amanda: Hi! ^_^ 17:18
Amanda: (!) 17:19
Maggie: Gotcha, Amanda. 17:19
Amanda: =) 17:20
Amanda: *just finished reading all that came before* 17:20
Maggie: That was quick! ^^ 17:20
Maggie: I didn't know you could read what came before when you just entered. *likes that feature* 17:21
Charliee: Razz
Amanda: Me too! =) And, I have a confession to make…I skimmed. *hides in corner* XD 17:21
Maggie: Hehehe. *smacks* Bad girl! 17:21
Maggie: Jk. 17:21
AnnaBeezers: It's okay ^_^ not like you missed too much 17:21
Maggie: Your homework for tonight is to read it thoroughly. 17:21
Amanda: I don't like all this physical violence. 17:21
Maggie: Hehe. *agrees with Anna* It's true. 17:22
Maggie: *hugs you* Better? @Amanda 17:22
Amanda: …Yes. ^_^ 17:22
Maggie: @Charlie I meant to comment on this earlier, but YES! Hunger Games trailer on Monday!! I'm LIVING for it. 17:22
Amanda: ???? 17:22
Maggie: I'm going to memorize it. I just know it. *senses much repeating the moment it's on YouTube* 17:23
Amanda: HUNGER GAMES?!?!? 17:23
Maggie: The full Hunger Games trailer comes out on Monday! 17:23
Amanda: EEEEE! 17:23
Maggie: It's airing on Good Morning America, I think. 17:23
Maggie: YES!!! 17:23
Maggie: I'm so excited. 17:23
Amanda: That makes me almost as excited for Hunger Games as for Merlin. <3 17:23
Charliee: Yes, Monday <3 17:23
Laura Bradford: Sorry 17:23
Maggie: Okay, actually I don't think it's Good Morning America... I have no idea what it is. 17:23
Maggie: No worries! =) 17:23
Laura Bradford: My cat is dying and I have been waiting 3 days for the vet to call. Of course she called in the middle of this chat 17:24
Maggie: The last question was Charlie's: "Do you prefer when teens mention their ages in queries" 17:24
AnnaBeezers: That's gotta be so cool for Suzanne Collins! I'd love to write a book that becomes a movie! 17:24
Maggie: Oh no!! 17:24
Laura Bradford: where was i? 17:24
Charliee: Ouch. 17:24
Amanda: 17:24
AnnaBeezers: 17:24
Maggie: I'm so sorry! 17:24
Maggie: @Anna Agreed. 17:24
Maggie: And Rina, after she answers this question, you're next with your related question. Nov 11
Rina: mmk 17:26
Laura Bradford: Do i prefer if teens mention their age? I don't know. In all honesty it can be harder to handle the logistics of taking on a teen writer. Some may consider it a negative factor. If I was waffling about the query, the age of the writer might swing the decision one way or another 17:26
Laura Bradford: If I liked the query unequivocably, I probably would not care about the writer's age 17:27
Maggie: *nods* 17:27
Charliee: Good to know. 17:27
Rina: So I'm underaged and I've heard that when querying, I shouldn't reveal my age on the original query letter (for reasons that you said). This said, when is it a good time to say that I'm underage? 17:28
Maggie: Good question. 17:28
AnnaBeezers: Ooo, nice. 17:28
Maggie: (Heads up Anna! Your question is next!) 17:28
Laura Bradford: Probably when I called to talk with you before offering rep. I don't lead off a rep call with, I want to rep you. I talk to the author 1st and then get around to offering 17:29
Rina: mmk 17:30
Maggie: Oooh! 17:30
Maggie: What if age didn't come up and we sounded more mature over the phone? XD 17:30
Charliee: Lol. 17:30
Maggie: Jk 17:30
Maggie: Your turn Anna! 17:30
AnnaBeezers: My creative writing teacher said I need a hook on the first past, but my English teacher said I should build up my character the first few pages in my story. How do I keep the reader interested without having like, a car crash on paragraph two? 17:32
AnnaBeezers: *first page of my story 17:32
Maggie: Oooh. That's a good one! Nov 11
Laura Bradford: Well the two bits of advice represent the two types of books. Those that are plot driven and those that are character driven. How you lead off your book depends on what type you are writing 17:33
Charliee: ! 17:34
Maggie: Oh wow. So true! 17:34
Maggie: Gotcha, Charlie. 17:34
AnnaBeezers: Got it, thx 17:35
Maggie: Is there more, Laura? 17:35
Maggie: I want to be sure I don't cut you off mid-sentence. 17:36
Maggie: Heads up, Rina! Your turn is next. =) 17:36
Rina: oh my age question was my question and it happened to be related to the subject before 17:37
Laura Bradford: Nope. That was it. Either way to start a story works. One method may work better depending on the story type. 17:37
Rina: my quesiton was the age quesiton* 17:37
Maggie: Oh, okay! 17:37
Maggie: You're next then, Amanda! 17:37
Laura Bradford: did I answer the age question you had? I have answered a few... 17:38
Amanda: Okay! What are you feelings on the epic fantasy genre as pertaining to YA? Love it? Hate it? Indifferent? Is there anything you think in specific would set something of that genre apart for you in a good way? 17:38
Maggie: @Laura You're good. 17:38
Amanda: (copy paste SUCCESS. ) 17:38
Rina: yes you did laura thanks' 17:38
Maggie: Haha. Admit it, Amanda, you have magic fingers! XD 17:38
Amanda: *well, you know…I'm good with the 'apple-c' 'apple-v'* 17:39
Maggie: Heheh, me too. ^^ 17:39
Camille joined the chat 17:39
Amanda: (Hi, Camille! ) 17:40
Camille: Uhm, hi guys. I'm SO late, lol 17:40
Maggie: Camille!! 17:40
Maggie: No biggie. Do you remember the question-asking system? 17:40
Camille: Maggie! Yes, I do 17:40
Laura Bradford: Epic fantasy is not particularly my favorite in general. There is a market for it, though. Random House Children's is particularly dedicated to it. That said I think that all of paranormal YA has been tightening up over the last year. A paranormal YA that would have sold in a heartbeat 2 years ago might have a hard time now 17:40
Maggie: Mmm. 17:41
Charliee: Yeah. 17:41
Charliee: There's many more Paranormal books than there is fantasy. 17:42
Charliee: It's sad. 17:42
Maggie: You good, Amanda? 17:42
Amanda: Oh, sorry, yes! Thanks! 17:42
Maggie: It does feel like that, Charlie. 17:42
Maggie: Okay. Sweet. 17:42
Maggie: Onward! 17:42
Maggie: Charlie, you're next. =) 17:42
Charliee: How do you feel about novels told from more than one characters p.o.v and in person? 17:42
Charliee: ] 17:42
Camille: (Hi Amanda!) 17:43
Charliee: =]* 17:43
AnnaBeezers: Loving this chat <3 17:43
Maggie: 17:43
Maggie: ! 17:43
Laura Bradford: It depends on whether you have so many POVs that the story gets muddled. I am not so interested in something that has 8 povs. A couple is fine. i think I have gone as high as 4 POVs. And I can't tell if you were asking me about 1st or 3rd person 17:44
Laura Bradford: I don't favor 3rd over 1st. I like them both. Whatever works best for the story. 17:45
Maggie: Wow. 4 POVs! 17:45
Maggie: Good, Charlie? 17:46
Camille: Well, Maggie, the Wolves of Mercy Falls series DOES have 4 POVs at the end. 17:46
Camille: xD 17:46
Maggie: Really? I'm only reading Shiver for the first time right now. 17:46
Camille: Oh, you are? I loved Linger. Cole. <3 17:46
Charliee: I'm fine 17:46
Maggie: Haven't got there yet. ^^ 17:46
Maggie: Okay. 17:46
Maggie: I'm next... 17:47
Rina: i love cole. 17:47
Camille: I know you haven't. Can't wait until you do. <3 17:47
Camille: Rina, me too. A lot. 17:47
Maggie: What genres do you see becoming popular in the nearish future? What are you finding yourself looking for more of now? 17:47
Maggie: I'll be sure to let you know what I think. I'm iffy so far... paranormal isn't my favorite generally. ^^ 17:48
Camille: The series gets better. I don't know, I think I liked it as much as I did because I was in the mood for it at the time. 17:48
Maggie: *nods* Makes sense. 17:48
Laura Bradford: YA mystery and YA thrillers are the new hot things that everyone wants. So obviously I'd like some of that. Mostly because it sounds like something that isn't oversaturated so it will feel fresh to me personally 17:49
Charliee: ! 17:49
Maggie: Gotcha Charlie. 17:49
Maggie: Yeah, that's what everyone's saying pretty much. Sounds good to me! I like mystery, a lot! Nov 11
AnnaBeezers: (!) 17:49
Maggie: When you're ready, Charlie. 17:49
Maggie: Gotcha, Anna! 17:49
Charliee: Thanks 17:49
Camille: Yeah, haha. Also, I haven't really found many YA mystery books out there. 17:50
Camille: At least not some that appeal to me. 17:50
Charliee: Do you think a book sets a trend? Or a trend is just....meant to be? Like Twilight set the trend for Paranormal, and Hunger Games for Dystopian. Do you think if there was to be, say, another great Fantasy book like Harry Potter, that Fantasy will be big again? 17:50
Maggie: I've yet to find one I really adore, but I do like mysteries in general. 17:50
Maggie: Hmm. Good question! 17:51
AnnaBeezers: Dumb question, but can everyone help me? What's the difference between paranormal and fantasy? 17:51
Laura Bradford: I think books set trends, yes. I also think that pop culture can determine this, too 17:51
Charliee: I think the modern culture is always into Fantasy. *is safe* 17:52
Camille: I love mystery movies? Hah. (: Also, Anna, great question. Not dumb. Sometimes I wonder the same thing. 17:52
Maggie: I think of it as: Paranormal- werewolves, vampires, supernatural things, ghoets. Fantasy-- dragons, swords, legends, vast lands. 17:52
Maggie: *ghosts 17:52
Maggie: I'm sure there's a more technical definition somewhere... 17:52
Camille: Wikipedia it? 17:52
Maggie: Oooh! "Magic" goes in fantasy. How could I forget! 17:53
Rina: fantasy is more like magic. paranormal is like... supernatural? it seems paranormal has more of an explination of "how". 17:53
Laura Bradford: To me, I think that Paranormal is the big umbrella and there are lots of sub types under it: fantasy, sci fi, time travel, dystopian etc. I think fantasy is a type of paranormal 17:53
Rina: oh rly? hmm 17:53
Charliee: I think it's how the book is written, too. 17:53
Camille: huh. 17:53
Maggie: Really? 17:53
Charliee: (I hate using HP as an example for everything, but HP has werewolves and vampires...and witches. But it's fantasy? 17:54
Charliee: Doesn't it have to do with tone and plot, too? 17:54
Rina: yeah somewhat maybe 17:54
Maggie: Yeah. I think it has a lot to do with the feel of it. HP is centered around magic. And technically werewolves and vampires are magical, mythological creatures. Twilight has just glamorized it. 17:54
Maggie: *shrugs* 17:54
Maggie: That's just what I think. 17:54
Laura Bradford: In the adult romance biz, if it isn't contemporary, or historical, pretty much everything else is classified as paranormal 17:54
Maggie: Really? 17:55
Maggie: I didn't know that! 17:55
AnnaBeezers: Woah, thanks everyone for jumping in. I wasn't trying to cut the question line. Just understand the conversation better cause it seems like what used to be just YA Fantasy is now, like 8 separate genres. 17:55
Laura Bradford: paranormal just means not normal 17:55
Charliee: mm 17:55
Maggie: It's okay. =) 17:55
Maggie: I think Charlie's question was answered. 17:55
Maggie: That means it's your turn, Anna. 17:55
Charliee: Yup 17:55
Laura Bradford: obviously we often specify what type of paranormal 17:55
Charliee: Also High Fantasy and normal Fantasy. This confuses me. 17:56
Rina: high fantasy is like, really in depth 17:56
Maggie: Hehe. "Normal fantasy". XD 17:56
Laura Bradford: Re: classifications, you may be overthinking this. Just tell the person you are querying what the book IS 17:56
Charliee: HP is high fantasy. 17:56
Charliee: I never thought it was. But it is. 17:56
Camille: And when people say Paranormal Romance, but others say the novel is JUST Paranormal. 17:57
Laura Bradford: if they want to call it fantasy or high fantasy or epic fantasy or paranormal, does it really matter? 17:57
AnnaBeezers: ((Q for whenever the genre convo is cleared up. No rush =D)) When it comes to romance books, I know that the romance is what drives the books. But I also have been told sex in some way is expected in most stories. What is gripping without being gross/over the line? 17:57
Maggie: Not to me, really. 17:57
Rina: wikipedia says high fantasy is partly defined as being set in a completely made up world 17:58
AnnaBeezers: It doesn't matter it me. But I read one agent who said she hates high fantasy but loves paranormal. I was so lost. 17:58
Charliee: Mhmm 17:58
Maggie: Ahh, well that makes sense. 17:58
Rina: LotR and WoT are high fantasy series 17:59
Maggie: Yeah. 17:59
Charliee: Narnia and HP are High Fantasy, too. 17:59
Laura Bradford: Well I love paranormal (in general) too. But I can not like certain types of paranormal 18:00
Maggie: I never thought about HP as high fantasy... for some reason when I think 'high fantasy' I think of dragons and fictional worlds and kings. *shrug* 18:00
Maggie: @Laura Makes sense. 18:00
Charliee: I know. 18:00
Charliee: (Hp has dragons) 18:00
Rina: HP and Narnia arent high fantasy, according to wikipedia 18:00
Maggie: (Yeah, but it's set in modern London with cars and everything.) 18:00
Charliee: mmm 18:00
AnnaBeezers: Maggie you make me think of medieval fantasy with that definition. Like, jousting knights, lol 18:01
Laura Bradford: Ok, when you ask about romance, are you asking about adult romance or YA romance? Because there are different answers 18:01
Maggie: @Anna Haha, oops! 18:02
AnnaBeezers: Uh, I guess adult? I didn't know there was specifically YA romance. 18:02
Charliee: ? 18:02
Charliee: I'd like to ask the same, but with YA romance. 18:03
Maggie: Okay all, technically we're out of time. So when Laura's finished asking Anna's question, we'll go ahead and wrap things up! =) 18:03
Charliee: Awh ok. 18:03
Maggie: *answering 18:03
Laura Bradford: In an adult romance, your readers will riot if there isn't any sex. No pub would touch a sexless romance. Unless you were writing for the inspirational market. As for what is gripping/gross... the bar for what is considered mainstream has been risting in the last few years. A middle of the road heat level romance can be pretty explicit 18:04
Laura Bradford: A sweeter kind of romance is not really what is selling best in the adult romance world, currently 18:05
AnnaBeezers: I'm surprised romance is still in such high demands. Seems like there is so much of it. 18:07
Maggie: *agrees with Amanda* 18:07
Maggie: *Anna 18:07
Maggie: Wow. 18:07
Camille: In YA, the best romance author is Stephanie Perkins, IMO. 18:08
AnnaBeezers: Hahaha, Maggie, the typo Monkey getting to ya? 18:08
Amanda: (I was going to say…I didn't say anything…lol) 18:08
Maggie: YES! Totally! 18:08
Laura Bradford: Romance readers are prolific readers. Many of them read a book/day. you have to produce a lot to keep up with that demand 18:08
Camille: I don't really read adult novels? 18:08
Maggie: Oh wow. Crazy! 18:08
Maggie: @Camille Me neither. 18:08
Charliee: I love Stephanie Perkins <3 18:08
AnnaBeezers: Laura - Single titles? Or series? Are there romantic series? 18:08
Camille: Charliee, me too. (: Such a great romance writer. I like her WAY better than Sarah Dessen. 18:09
Laura Bradford: Are we still talking about adult romance? Are you asking what people read if they read a book/day? Both 18:09
Camille: Anna, I think Sophie Jordan has an adult romance series out. 18:10
Laura Bradford: Sophie Jordan started as an adult romance author 18:10
Laura Bradford: A lot of YA authors started in adult romance, actually 18:10
Laura Bradford: PC Cast 18:10
Camille: I was really shocked when I found out about that. 18:10
Constance joined the chat 18:10
AnnaBeezers: Yeah, adult. Cause all popular romance I've known of are single titles. Never knew if series did well in romance. 18:11
Camille: CONSTANCE!!!!!!! 18:11
Maggie: Okay, we're actually 10 minutes over time. Sorry 'bout that, Laura! 18:11
Maggie: Twin!! Bit late, aren't you? 18:11
Camille: I've only read her HoN series, and it's not that good. 18:11
Amanda: (Hi, Constance! Bye, Constance! lol) 18:11
Camille: She's actually...extremely late. 18:11
AnnaBeezers: Yeah, sorry! But thanks SO much! This has been so informative. 18:11
Constance: Oh, I didn't actually think anyone would be here. 18:11
Laura Bradford: That's ok. Thanks for having me! 18:11
Constance: Hey, in my defense, I was at work! 18:11
Maggie: Thank you everyone for coming, and especially HUGE THANKS to Laura for coming and answering our questions!! 18:11
Camille: LOL. 18:11
Charliee: Thank you!! 18:11
Amanda: Ditto, thank you! 18:11
Constance: *applauds for Laura for being awesome* 18:11
Camille: Ahh, thank you!!! 18:11
Maggie: @Twin I know, I'm teasing. 18:11
Maggie: *applauds also* 18:12
Rina: thanks for answering questions laura! 18:12
Maggie: Everyone, feel free to move to the regular Write On! chatroom to continue bantering about Harry Potter and romance novels, if you so please. ^^ 18:12
Laura Bradford: You're very welcome. 18:12
Maggie: Link: http://writeonteens.blogspot.com/p/chatr... 18:12
Maggie: The whole chat will be available on the forums later tonight. 18:12
Maggie: You all rock! 18:13
Camille: Yaaaay, chat!

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