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Agent Chat #9: Danielle Chiotti

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Agent Chat #9: Danielle Chiotti

Post  Maggie on Thu Jan 26, 2012 9:14 pm

Stephanie D left this message : 17:58
Stephanie D joined the chat 17:58
Stephanie D: ah, getting the hang of this 17:58
Maggie: Hehe. I know. It's not very intuitive. 17:58
Maggie: I don't know if we've met before? 17:58
Stephanie D: don't think so... but it's nice to meet you 17:58
Maggie: Nice to meet you! 17:59
Stephanie D: d'you know how many others will be joining? 18:00
LN joined the chat 18:00
LN: Hello! 18:00
Maggie: It should be around 8 or 9. Sometimes the numbers go down because people can't make it. 18:00
Maggie: Hi there! 18:01
Stephanie D: cool, cool 18:01
Stephanie D: hey LN! 18:01
Maggie: Hi Danielle! 18:02
Danielle Chiotti left this message 5 seconds ago: 18:03
Hey! Trying to figure this out!
Maggie: Click "JOIN CHAT" at the bottom right of the chat box. 18:03
Stephanie D: hey Danielle 18:03
Maggie: Right now you're just reading. =) 18:03
Danielle Chiotti joined the chat 18:03
Maggie: There you go! 18:03
Danielle Chiotti: Aha! That's much better. Thanks for having me, guys. Happy to be here. 18:03
Maggie: Thanks for coming! 18:04
LN: Yes, thank you! 18:04
Danielle Chiotti: Anytime. So lay the rules on me, guys. How should we work this? 18:04
Maggie: There should be some more teens trickling in over the next few minutes. 18:04
Danielle Chiotti: Ok. Will sit tight until you say the word. 18:04
Maggie: But the early bird gets the worm, and we'll go ahead and start asking! =) 18:05
Maggie: here's the stystem: 18:05
Maggie: *system 18:05
Maggie: The question-asking system: Whenever you have a question, raise your hand by typing an exclamation point (!). I will put your name on a list. When it’s your turn to ask, I’ll call your name. 18:05
Maggie: Also, if you have a question about the answer to someone else’s question, feel free to jump in while we’re on the topic! 18:05
Maggie: And Danielle, whenever you're done answering one question, just let me know so I can call out the next person. =) 18:05
Maggie: Any questions? Jan 26
Danielle Chiotti: Sounds simple enough to me. Ask away! 18:06
LN: ! 18:06
Stephanie D: ! 18:06
Maggie: You're up, LN! =) 18:06
Maggie: Gotcha, Stephanie. 18:06
LN: Yay! 18:06
LN: Okay, my first question is: What are some things that you're looking for? I don't necessarily mean genres but are there certain types of stories you'd like to see in your inbox? 18:07
Maggie: Whenever you're ready, LN. *not sure if you're typing or not* 18:07
Maggie: Haha. Wow. Timing! 18:07
LN: lol Maggie. 18:07
Danielle Chiotti: Good question! 18:08
Danielle Chiotti: I'm looking for voice-driven stories with unique and sometimes flawed narrators. I tend to like fish-out-of water stories. 18:08
Danielle Chiotti: Which means I really like it when a character is taken out of their comfort zone and thrown into a different situation than they are used to. 18:09
Maggie: Oooh. 18:09
Danielle Chiotti: Also... 18:09
Maggie: (Hi, Sarah!!) 18:09
Sarah left this message : 18:10
Hi Maggie!
Danielle Chiotti: When I say "voice driven" I really mean that I like a story in which the narrator's voice picks me up and carries me away. The narrator could be telling me about wallpaper, and I'd think it was interesting. 18:10
Maggie: @Sarah Click "JOIN CHAT", bottom right of the chatbox. 18:10
Danielle Chiotti: Okay, I think I'm done for now! 18:10
Maggie: Awesome! 18:10
Sarah joined the chat 18:10
LN: Thanks, Danielle! 18:10
Maggie: Go figure the thing I'm having the biggest issue with right now is voice. 18:10
Maggie: Stephanie, whenever you're ready! 18:10
Sarah: haha I was lookig for that button 18:10
Sarah: thanks! 18:11
Danielle Chiotti: Maggie: Voice can be a tricky thing. But once you get it...it's awesome. Keep working at it. 18:11
Stephanie D: mmk 18:11
Maggie: @Danielle Thank you! I'm trying. 18:11
Maggie: @Sarah Do you remember the question-asking system? 18:11
Sarah: @Maggie yup 18:12
Maggie: Ok, just making sure. XD 18:12
Stephanie D: I'm wondering if you have any interest in science fiction with a dystopian vein? And, stemming from that, if you've been seeing a lot of that in you're inbox lately? How many of those are unique or just feel like copy-cats of those already on the market? 18:12
Danielle Chiotti: @Stephanie: Another good question! 18:13
Sarah: Thanks! 18:13
Danielle Chiotti: I am more of a "sci fi light" girl myself. Meaning I like things that are sorta kinda sci fi, but the hard core stuff isn't really my taste. 18:13
Danielle Chiotti: That said, I'm seeing a lot of sci fi subs...editors are definitely saying they want sci fi and mystery right now. 18:13
LN: ! 18:14
Maggie: Gotcha LN 18:14
Danielle Chiotti: The dystopian can be tough. A lot of that feels like copycat to me, b/c the category has become so crowded as of late. So if you're thinking of doing something dystopian, think carefully about it and make sure it's standout. 18:14
Danielle Chiotti: Okay, done talking for now 18:14
Maggie: And I'm gonna sneak in and steal a spot on the list. ! XD 18:14
Sarah: Have there been a lot of dystopians lately? 18:14
Stephanie D: thank you 18:14
Sarah: like dystopian queries 18:15
Danielle Chiotti: @ Sarah: Yes, I get a TON of dystopian queries. 18:15
Danielle Chiotti: And a lot of them sound very similar. 18:15
Maggie: Hmmm. 18:16
Danielle Chiotti: I've talked to many editors who say that they are full up on dystopian unless they see something that really looks different. 18:16
Sarah: I thought so I think that's because with dystopians its the perfect world turned bad so it has a lot to do with corrupt governements 18:16
Maggie: I feel like it's a hard genre to write something original in... 18:16
Maggie: Yeah. 18:16
Sarah: @Maggie I agree 18:16
LN: How about Urban Fantasy? Would you say that it's just as (or more/less) crowded as Dystopian as of late? Do you have an interest in UF (YA)? 18:16
Danielle Chiotti: @ sarah and maggie: Yup. It's tough to find something original in that category 18:16
Maggie: (Was that your next question, LN?) 18:16
LN: (that was my question by the--ohp lol) 18:17
Maggie: Oh gosh, LOL! That's the second time I've done that now. XD 18:17
Danielle Chiotti: I do an an interest in urban fantasy, but again, b/c the category is crowded, it will have to be quite unique. 18:17
Maggie: Hmm. I didn't realize urban fantasy was crowded! 18:17
Danielle Chiotti: Even though UF is crowded, I think it can morph/change more than a dystopian. 18:18
Sarah: @Maggie Same here 18:18
Maggie: *steals another spot* ! 18:18
Maggie: Yeah... 18:18
Sarah: Real quick, what is the definition of urban fantasy? Because maybe I'm thinking about normal fantasy and that's why I feel I haven't seen a lot of them 18:18
Danielle Chiotti: Okay, let me think a sec... 18:19
LN: @Maggie It IS. I received a rejection once and all it said was that UF was a crowded genre and mine just didn't make the cut. 18:19
LN: The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare 18:19
LN: are a good example. 18:19
Maggie: @LN Woah. Yikes! 18:20
LN: So are Holly Black's books. Basically fantasy in a city-like setting. 18:20
Maggie: I haven't read The Mortal Instruments... didn't appeal to me. 18:20
LN: (lol I know my genre) 18:20
Danielle Chiotti: The easiest way to put it is that urban fantasy is set in contemporary times in an urban setting, but they can have futuristic or fantastical elements to them. 18:20
Sarah: @LN oh see I haven't read any of those but I've heard of a lot of them. That makes sense 18:20
Maggie: Well-said, Danielle. 18:20
Sarah: @Danielle Thanks! That clears things up! 18:20
Danielle Chiotti: Paranormal and UF are crowded, but I think they have the ability to morph and change... 18:20
Maggie: Yeah. 18:20
Sarah: I agree! 18:20
LN: ! 18:20
Danielle Chiotti: As writers, you can play with those genres, bend them, turn them on their heads, and make them new again. 18:21
Maggie: (Gotcha, LN) 18:21
Sarah: @Danielle that's what I want to do 18:21
Sarah: so it's good to hear 18:21
Maggie: @Sarah And you shall. =) 18:21
Sarah: Thanks Maggie! 18:21
Maggie: Okay, if you're ready, Danielle, I have the next question. 18:21
Danielle Chiotti: @Sarah...it's true. If you are well-read in your category, you can do it! 18:21
Danielle Chiotti: I'm ready for the next q 18:21
Sarah: Thank you! 18:22
Maggie: Okay. What is your opinion on teen writers, in general? Have you/would you sign a teen, any advice for querying teen writers, etc.? 18:22
Sarah: Good question Maggie! 18:22
Danielle Chiotti: Oooh! I love this question, Maggie. 18:22
Danielle Chiotti: I can tell you that one of the first clients I ever signed was 18... 18:23
Maggie: Hehe. Thanks. And me, too. =) 18:23
Maggie: Oooh! 18:23
Maggie: Really? 18:23
Danielle Chiotti: And I sold her novel at auction to Dial (an imprint of Penguin). 18:23
Sarah: That's so cool! 18:23
Danielle Chiotti: @Sarah. Yup! it's cool. 18:23
LN: FRENENQER, right? 18:23
Maggie: Wow! 18:24
Maggie: That's awesome! 18:24
Danielle Chiotti: @LN: Yes! You are good. Only now it's called THE GIRL WITH BORROWED WINGS. 18:24
Danielle Chiotti: It will be out this July. 18:24
Maggie: Nice! 18:24
Danielle Chiotti: So obviously I'm open to reading work from teenage writers. 18:24
Maggie: *proud of her* 18:24
Sarah: The title is amazing! I can't wait to buy it! 18:24
Maggie: Hehe, yeah. 18:24
Danielle Chiotti: My best advice to any young writer is to keep working at your craft... 18:24
Stephanie D: that's really awesome 18:24
LN: (@Danielle Oooh. Could you maybe tell us what it's about so we can go look for it?) 18:24
Danielle Chiotti: develop a thick skin (meaning don't take rejections personally) 18:25
Danielle Chiotti: And always, always, trust your gut instints. 18:25
Maggie: Mmmm. 18:25
Danielle Chiotti: Oops. Yeah, I can type. Instincts. 18:25
Danielle Chiotti: @LN: Yup! 18:25
Maggie: That's good stuff. 18:25
Danielle Chiotti: The book is kind of a paranormal/literary/comm​ercial love story about a girl who lives in the dessert... 18:25
Danielle Chiotti: She feels trapped and longs for escape, and meets a magical shape-shifting boy named Sangris... 18:26
Danielle Chiotti: Who flies her around the world to all sorts of amazing places. When their friendship threatens to turn into more... 18:26
Maggie: *likes already* 18:26
LN: @Maggie Same! 18:26
Danielle Chiotti: Frenenqer (the main character) must face up to some of her greatest fears in order to keep the boy in her life. 18:27
Maggie: Ooooh. 18:27
Danielle Chiotti: It's really beautiful. The writing is poetic. 18:27
Maggie: What an unusual name! *loves* 18:27
Maggie: Ahh. I'm sold. I LOVE poetic writing! 18:27
Sarah: That's exactly the type of book I like! *goes to put it on my list* 18:27
Danielle Chiotti: What drew me to this author's writing is that she sees the world in such a unique way, and she has a great eye for detail. 18:27
Maggie: KAYE! *hugs* 18:27
LN: Yes, same here. 18:27
Kaye M. left this message : 18:27
Hi guys!
Kaye M. joined the chat 18:27
Danielle Chiotti: @Kaye: Hello there! 18:28
Kaye M.: Hiya! 18:28
Maggie: That's awesome. 18:28
Kaye M.: Sorry, didn't know how to write 18:28
Sarah: Hi Kaye! 18:28
Maggie: I so want to read it! 18:28
Danielle Chiotti: Done babbling and ready for my next 1 18:28
Kaye M.: Hi Sarah! Hi Maggie! 18:28
Maggie: Umm, it was mine, but I don't remember what I was going to ask. O_o 18:28
Maggie: So we can move on to LN's next question. 18:28
Maggie: @Kaye Do you remember the question-asking system? 18:28
LN: lol. okay. 18:28
Kaye M.: @Maggie Yes, sir! Er, ma'am 18:29
Sarah: LOL Kaye 18:29
Maggie: LOL!! 18:29
Stephanie D: @Danielle I'll be querying you tonight just to give you a heads up 18:29
Maggie: Ahh! I remember. ! 18:29
LN: What is your opinion on male MCs? Are books with male MCs more of a risk because they might not have as much commercial appeal? 18:30
Danielle Chiotti: @Stephanie: Sounds good to me! Can't wait to see your name in there. Be sure to mention this chat in your email/sub line 18:30
Danielle Chiotti: @LN: Another great question! 18:30
Sarah: @Stephanie she is pretty awesome isn't she?! I can't wait until I'm ready to query! 18:30
Stephanie D: will do! 18:30
Stephanie D: @Sarah she sounds fabulous 18:30
LN: (Haha Stephanie. Danielle is in my QT list. I'm querying her when I'm done with my latest round of revisions.) 18:30
Danielle Chiotti: It depends on how you're writing your male MC 18:30
Maggie: That is a great question, LN! 18:30
Maggie: @Sarah Same here! 18:30
Danielle Chiotti: I'm thinking of the book BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, in which the MC is a boy, but it's very obviously written to appeal to a girl audience. 18:31
Danielle Chiotti: So I think if you're writing a male MC but you're doing it in a way that appeals to females, then you automatically have a much larger audience. 18:31
Kaye M.: @Maggie Did Danielle already speak about what she is looking afor? Sorry I'm so late >​< 18:31
Maggie: @Kaye It's okay! And yes, she did. Scroll up and you'll find it! =) 18:31
Danielle Chiotti: I'd actually love to see more male MC's written for a female readership. 18:32
Sarah: Don't worry Kaye! I was late too and Maggie posts the chats later on 18:32
Danielle Chiotti: I have a client who is currently working on a love story between two boys...told from a boy's pov 18:32
Stephanie D: Chaos Walking Trilogy has a fantastic male MC 18:33
Maggie: @Danielle Really? I've always been to intimidated by the idea of writing from a boy's POV, even if it was for mostly female readers. 18:33
Danielle Chiotti: @Maggie: It's tricky, and you'd really have to be able to embody your male MC 18:33
Danielle Chiotti: But it can be done! 18:33
Maggie: Yeah, exactly. 18:33
Danielle Chiotti: @Stephanie: Have not read Chaos Walking 18:33
Maggie: Maybe one day. =) 18:33
LN: @Danielle Yay! I'm definitely querying you when I'm done with revisions. 18:33
Sarah: And you have to have a guy beta 18:33
Maggie: @Sarah Hehe, yes. Definitely! 18:34
Stephanie D: @Danielle it's by Patrick Ness. you should check it out! 18:34
Sarah: @LN Same here! 18:34
Maggie: ! 18:34
Danielle Chiotti: @Stephanie: Will definitely check it out. 18:34
Maggie: I haven't read it, either. Or heard of it. 18:35
Danielle Chiotti: Ready for my next Q 18:35
LN: @Maggie Male MCs ARE different. But I've spent so much time on this particular project that it was hard for me to go back to a girl's writing POV for my NaNo! Haha. 18:35
Maggie: Okay 18:35
Stephanie D: @Maggie here's the goodreads link for the first book, if you wanna see what it's about http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/21187... 18:36
Maggie: What would you say helps/hooks you most: good voice, good characters, good plot, good world building, or a combination of those? 18:36
Sarah: @LN That's really interesting! 18:36
Maggie: @LN Oh neat!! *impressed* 18:36
Maggie: @Stephanie Thank you!! 18:36
Danielle Chiotti: @Maggie: I would say good voice first...always 18:36
Sarah: ! 18:36
Maggie: You know what? I HAVE heard of this book! 18:37
Danielle Chiotti: And good voice is linked to strong characters... 18:37
Maggie joined the chat 18:37
Danielle Chiotti: And if you have strong characters and you heap tension on them, then you'll always have a good plot. 18:37
Danielle Chiotti: But I'm a voice girl first, a plot girl second. 18:37
Maggie: Sorry 'bout that...my internet is semi-bad right now. 18:37
Maggie: Gotcha, Sarah. 18:37
LN: ! 18:37
Maggie: Interesting! Thank you. 18:37
Maggie: a, LN 18:37
Maggie: *Gotcha, LN 18:37
Danielle Chiotti: Ready when you guys are! 18:38
Maggie: Okay! 18:39
Maggie: Wasn't sure if you were typing. 18:39
Maggie: My question's next... gimme a sec to word this. 18:39
Maggie: Are parents involved if you want to sign a teenager? And if so, in what way? And when are you old enough to take things into your own hands? 18:40
Maggie: Not sure if I worded it right anyway... lemme know if that makes sense. 18:40
Danielle Chiotti: @Maggie: If the client is under 18, then parents would need to be involved for contract signing, etc. 18:40
Danielle Chiotti: I signed Rinsai Rossetti (THE GIRL WITH BORROWED WINGS) when she was 18, so she was able to do the contract with her parents singing for her, etc. 18:41
Danielle Chiotti: Does that help? 18:41
Sarah: Would the contracts need to change after the client turns 18 then if you signed them before they were? 18:41
Maggie: Yes. Thank you! 18:41
Danielle Chiotti: @Sarah: Hmmm. I don't think so, but I've never signed someone under 18 (yet!), so I don't know for sure. 18:41
Sarah: Ok, thanks! 18:42
Maggie: Also, how does getting paid work if you're a minor? Does the money belong to your parents until you're 18? 18:42
Maggie: I've actually never thought of this before. O_o 18:42
Danielle Chiotti: @Maggie: I believe all monies would be issued to the parents, yes. But again, I've not signed a client under 18, so I'm not as familiar with the specifics as someone else might be. 18:42
Maggie: Hmm. Okay. Thank you! 18:43
Maggie: @Sarah Whenever you're ready, you're next. 18:43
Sarah: What do you look for in queries? Like what catches your attention? And what would make you say "no" immediately? 18:43
Maggie: Good question. Jan 26
Danielle Chiotti: Sarah: Oh, if only I could give you a list of things that makes me want to say no immediately! It's loooong! 18:43
Maggie: ! 18:43
Maggie: Haha. 18:44
LN: (@Maggie lol Gotcha, Maggie.) 18:44
Danielle Chiotti: No, seriously, though, what makes me want to say no immediately is when it's clear that a querying author has not read my sub guidelines or researched my tastes. 18:44
Sarah: LOL! I really a lot of query shark so I know the big things but is there anything you have seen recently that's been making you say no? 18:44
Maggie: (@LN LOL!!)
Kaye M.: I aim to please, Maggie 19:00
Maggie: @Amanda What did I do?? 19:01
Amanda: @your your your your your! 19:01
Danielle Chiotti: @Kaye: NO no no to the query written in character's POV! I like for queries to 'sell' me on the project. 19:01
Maggie: @Amanda OMG! I did NOT do that! 19:01
Danielle Chiotti: Leave the character voice to your story, not your query. 19:01
Amanda: @Maggie—Yes…yes you did. 19:01
Maggie: I'm tired! I blame the sleepiness! 19:01
Sarah: @Maggie and Amanda I'm confused 19:01
Maggie: @Sarah I used 'you're' instead of 'your' 19:01
Danielle Chiotti: As for YA work that I didn't sign: There was an AMAZING novel called THE IRON WOOD that I really wanted last year, but the writer went with a different agent. Heartbreak! Ready for next q 19:02
Sarah: @Maggie LOL! Good thing Authoress isn't here 19:02
Maggie: Okay, next question is yours, Amanda. 19:02
Kaye M.: Alright, guys, I'm leaving the library so I'm going to have to head out. 19:02
Maggie: @Sarah SERIOUSLY! O_O 19:02
Amanda: Am I next? Bye Kaye! =) 19:02
Kaye M.: I'll check for the chat transcript later. 19:02
Maggie: @Kaye Okay! =) I'm glad you could make it! *claps* 19:02
Sarah: Buy Kaye! 19:02
Kaye M.: Thanks so much! Bye! 19:02
Maggie: @Amanda Yes! Go for it. 19:02
Amanda: Oh, yeah, haha. Okay. =) 19:02
Amanda: What is your personal opinion on the YA fantasy genre, specifically epic fantasy(still YA)? Love it, hate it, changes from project to project? Do you see epic or high fantasy projects being popular in the future, or is the market too staturated, in your opinion? Thanks! 19:02
Danielle Chiotti: bye kaye! 19:02
LN: Bye Kaye! 19:03
Maggie: (And Stephanie, provided it's OK with Danielle, you can get your quick question ready and wrap us up with it. =) ) 19:03
Danielle Chiotti: @Amanda: We talked about this a little bit earlier on. Personally, I don't LOVE epic fantasy, as it's not my taste... 19:03
Stephanie D: (ok cool ) 19:03
Danielle Chiotti: But a lot of editors are really clamoring for it right now. It's kind of the "next" thing. But yes, I think higher fantasy is an up and coming trend. REady for next one! 19:04
Maggie: Wow! Is it really? 19:04
Maggie: You're in luck, Amanda! 19:04
Amanda: Yay! I've got an epic fantasy project, so that's sweet, sweet music to my ears. 19:04
Maggie: It's a sign. XD 19:04
Amanda: @Maggie—I know! 19:04
Stephanie D: whoa, I didn't know that! 19:04
Danielle Chiotti: Great! I've talked to editors who say that fantasy and mystery are going to be big. 19:04
Maggie: That's you, Stephanie. 19:05
Maggie: YAY! I have fantasy novels! It's my favorite. =) 19:05
Stephanie D: okay, I'm just wondering if you consider yourself an editorial agent, Danielle. do you do much editing with a writer before sending a project on submission? 19:05
Danielle Chiotti: Stephanie: Yes, I am most definitely an editorial agent! 19:05
Amanda: (@Stephanie—Good question! ) 19:05
Maggie: Ooooh. 19:06
Maggie: That IS a good question. 19:06
Danielle Chiotti: I was an editor before I was a writer, so editorial content is very important to me. We keep a small list at Upstart Crow, so we try to make sure all of our clients' work is seriously good! 19:06
Maggie: Ooooh! 19:06
Maggie: That's super awesome. 19:06
Danielle Chiotti: The amount of editing I do varies from project to project. 19:06
Sarah: Really? That is awesome! That has to really be helpful for getting books ready for submission. 19:07
Danielle Chiotti: Sometimes it's a month or two. Sometimes it's 3-5 months. It depends on the project and how fast the author can revise. 19:07
Maggie: Nice! 19:07
Danielle Chiotti: @Sarah. Yeah, it's a fun process. Personally, I LOVE editing. It's really personal and intuitive, and really fun. 19:07
LN: (@Stephanie Thanks for asking the question I was wondering about! I was just getting sad that I wouldn't be able to ask it. ) 19:07
Stephanie D: good to know thank you! 19:07
Stephanie D: (@LN haha no problem) 19:07
Maggie: Hehe. 19:07
Maggie: @Danielle That's so awesome! 19:08
Danielle Chiotti: @Maggie: Yeah, I'm an editing nerd, for sure. 19:08
Sarah: @Danielle That's awesome! 19:08
Maggie: Aaannddd we're out of time. =) 19:08
Maggie: HUGE thank-yous to Danielle! 19:08
Danielle Chiotti: It was really fun, guys. Thanks for having me! 19:08
Maggie: You were so awesome! 19:08
Maggie: Thanks for coming! 19:08
Sarah: Thank you so much for answering our questions!!!! You were so helpful!!!!!! 19:08
Stephanie D: thank you so much for coming! 19:08
Amanda: Thanks so much for answering our questions, Danielle! 19:08
Maggie: *agrees with Sarah* 19:08
LN: Thank you so much, Danielle! 19:08
Danielle Chiotti: Thanks to all of you, and best of luck. Keep writing, keep querying. If you do those things you'll get there. Big hugs to all of you! 19:09
Maggie: And for the rest of you, the chat will be available on the forums, like always, for enjoying with a cup of tea (coffee, hot chocolate...) later. 19:09
Sarah: Thank you! 19:09
LN: *returns the hug* 19:09
Maggie: Yay!! Thank you! 19:09
Danielle Chiotti left the chat 19:09
Maggie: If anyone's still feeling chatty, feel free to head over to the Write On! chatroom. 19:09
Sarah: okie dokie 19:09
Maggie: I, however, am off to watch Emma. =) 19:09
Maggie: Thanks for coming, guys! 19:10
LN: lol I'm off to do hw. >​_>​ 19:10
Maggie: @LN Eeeek. Don't remind me! *glares at Chem book* 19:10
Stephanie D: I'm off to make sure my query is polished haha. scary stuff. talk to you all later! 19:10
Maggie: @LN But good luck. I feel for you! 19:10
LN: Thanks for getting Danielle here, Maggie! She was one of the top agents on my list. 19:10
Maggie: @Stephanie YAAYYY! Good luck! 19:10
Amanda: Bye guys. I've got homework, too. Trig! YES!!! (Not being sarcastic, lol) 19:10
LN: Good luck Stephanie! 19:10
Maggie: @LN You're welcome! And yay! 19:10
Stephanie D: @Maggie thank you! and thanks for setting this up! 19:10
Maggie: @Amanda O_O *coughs* I'm glad it's not painful for you... 19:10
Maggie: @Stephanie My pleasure! 19:11
LN: Bye! 19:11
Maggie: Bye! 19:11
Stephanie D: bye! 19:11

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