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Agent Chat #3: Lauren MacLeod

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Agent Chat #3: Lauren MacLeod Empty Agent Chat #3: Lauren MacLeod

Post  Maggie on Fri May 27, 2011 9:08 pm

Live chat with Lauren MacLeod 8-9pm EST. HUGE THANKS to Lauren!! She was awesome.

LaurenMacLeod joined the chat 18:58
Lizzy: Hi! That was quick. 18:58
LaurenMacLeod: Reporting for duty! 18:59
Camille joined the chat 18:59
Camille: Hi! 18:59
Lizzy: Hi Camille! 18:59
Lizzy: We'll give a couple minutes for people to get their links and trickle in. 18:59
LaurenMacLeod: Hi Camille! 18:59
LaurenMacLeod: Sounds good! 19:00
Camille: Haha, I thought I was late! I was reading my first Sarah Dessen book...LOL 19:00
Lizzy: Not at all. Right on time! And yay. I have yet to read something of hers. 19:00
LaurenMacLeod: Which one? 19:01
Victoria joined the chat 19:01
Camille: It was good. The one I read is called Just Listen 19:01
Lizzy: Hi Victoria! 19:01
Victoria: Hi! 19:01
Camille: I own The Truth About Forever and This Lullaby. Hello, Victoria 19:01
LaurenMacLeod: Hi Victoria! 19:02
Lizzy: We'll start in a few more minutes. 19:02
Victoria: I just bought her new one, What Happened To Goodbye. 19:03
Lizzy sent out an invitation 19:03
André joined the chat 19:04
Shahira joined the chat 19:04
Lizzy sent out an invitation 19:04
LaurenMacLeod: She was giving out whoopie pies at BEA (Book Expo America) this week! 19:04
Lizzy: Yay Andre! Shahira! 19:04
André: Heya! 19:04
LaurenMacLeod: Hi Andrea and Shahira! 19:04
Lizzy: Okay, we can go ahead and start. 19:04
Shahira: Hello! :] 19:04
Lizzy: This is how the question system works. When you have a question, type ! and I will add you to the queue. When it's your turn to ask, I will call your name. You may post ! whenever you have one to get in line, even if someone else's question is being answered. 19:04
Lizzy: Whoever wants to start, go ahead! 19:04
Authoress joined the chat 19:04
Shahira: I LOVE Sarah Dessen, by the way. :] 19:04
Taryn joined the chat 19:04
Lizzy: Authoress! Taryn! Yay! 19:05
Taryn: oooo, new people 19:05
Authoress: <3 19:05
Lizzy: I'll post again quick. 19:05
Lizzy: This is how the question system works. When you have a question, type ! and I will add you to the queue. When it's your turn to ask, I will call your name. You may post ! whenever you have one to get in line, even if someone else's question is being answered. 19:05
Sarah joined the chat 19:05
Sarah: Hi everyone! 19:05
Lizzy: Sarah! 19:05
Shahira: Sarah! 19:05
Taryn: Sarah! 19:05
Camille: hiii 19:05
LaurenMacLeod: Hi Everyone! I'm excited to be here! 19:05
Sarah: Hiii! 19:05
Taryn: uh-oh, Shahira. we may have to fight over colors. 19:05
Camille: i wish i could go to BEA 19:06
Lizzy: If you have a question, go ahead and start. Don't be shy. 19:06
Shahira: Lol I won't be typing much so I think we'll be okay. 19:06
Victoria: What's it like being an agent? What exactly do they do? 19:06
Sarah: me too Camille 19:06
Camille: maybe next year 19:06
Authoress: *glares at Sarah* 19:06
Sarah: *smiles innocently* 19:06
Victoria joined the chat 19:06
Authoress: 19:07
Sarah: I claimed pink at the last chat though soo... 19:07
Sarah: 19:07
Camille joined the chat 5 seconds ago 19:07
LaurenMacLeod: I love being an agent! I do lots of little things, but my favorite part of the job is finding a new author/project, taking her on and selling it to a publishing house. 19:07
Lizzy: Sarah always has pink. 19:07
Camille: my computer logged me out 19:07
Sarah: yup, I do _ 19:07
Taryn: ! 19:07
Camille: Hiii 19:07
Lizzy: Go ahead, Taryn. 19:07
LaurenMacLeod: I also negotiate contracts, read royalty statements, do some editing, and help with career advice. 19:07
Lizzy: ! 19:07
Camille joined the chat 19:07
Taryn: So tell me about your rise to agenting. Did you start as an intern? How long were you one? 19:08
Camille: Sarah, let's hope so. LOL 19:08
Lizzy: @Camille Welcome back. Whenever you have a question, just post a ! and I'll add you to the list. 19:08
Lizzy: @Camille ... then, when it's your turn to ask, I'll call your name. Got it? 19:08
Camille: okay 19:08
LaurenMacLeod: I was indeed an intern at one point, but never at an agency. I interned in publicity and an editorial department at two different local publishing houses while I was getting my degree. 19:08
LaurenMacLeod: (I have an undergrad degree in Publishing from Emerson College) 19:08
Taryn: interesting, thanks 19:09
LaurenMacLeod: After graduating, I was hired right out of college by Wendy Strothman to be her assistant at The Strothman Agency 19:09
Authoress joined the chat 19:09
Lizzy: Ooo, how exciting! 19:09
Camille: Got it 19:09
Victoria: ! 19:09
LaurenMacLeod: And I pulled a few projects out of the slush pile (the manuscripts that are sent to us without us asking for them) and she promoted me and let me start working on my own list. 19:09
Victoria: Do you have any advice on what to study in college/how to prepare for a career in publishing? 19:09
Camille: Wow 19:10
Lizzy: All right. My turn. What are your thoughts on teen writers in general, and teens being published? I guess you could say I'm asking for advice. 19:10
Sarah: That is soo cool 19:10
Lizzy: @Victora Gotcha 19:10
Lizzy: @Victora Hold that thought, one question at a time 19:10
LaurenMacLeod: I think it is very hard for teen writers to get published right out of the gate because you have had a lot less time to practice. That said 19:10
Lizzy: @Victoria You're on the list, I'll call you when it's your turn. 19:11
Victoria: Oops! 19:11
LaurenMacLeod: if you keep practicing and keep writing and your projects are excellent you should have no problem competing! 19:11
Lizzy: @Victoria No harm done 19:11
Camille: ! 19:11
Lizzy: Awesome! Thank you! 19:11
Sarah: Great advise! 19:11
Lizzy: @Camille Gotcha 19:11
Sarah: thank you 19:11
LaurenMacLeod: 19:12
Lizzy: @Everyone Also, for the record, if you have a question about Lauren's answer to a question, go ahead and ask! 19:12
Lizzy: Okay, onward! 19:12
Lizzy: Victoria, go ahead and re-ask. 19:12
Victoria: Do you have any advice on what to study in college/how to prepare for a career in publishing? 19:13
LaurenMacLeod: Sure! I went about it in an odd fashion-- I was a publishing major so I took classes like Into to Book Publishing an Book Design. But I don't think you need a publishing degree (or even an English degree) as long as you are involved in the local literary magazines and try for internships. 19:14
LaurenMacLeod: *and 19:14
Amanda joined the chat 19:14
Sarah: Hi Amanda 19:14
Lizzy: Yay! Amanda! 19:14
Amanda: Hey. 19:14
LaurenMacLeod: When I hire interns I am looking for people who do lots of publishing-ish extra curriculars. 19:14
LaurenMacLeod: I also love people who were copy editors on their college papers. 19:15
Taryn: Do you do remote interns? 19:15
Lizzy: Neat! 19:15
Taryn: (not that I need another internship...) 19:15
LaurenMacLeod: Not yet, but I am planning on looking for remote readers this fall. 19:15
Authoress joined the chat 19:15
Taryn: *volunteers* haha I'm interested in how many agencies do that. 19:16
LaurenMacLeod: I'll put info on our website (strothmanagency.com) and tweet about it when the time comes. I will also let Authoress know! 19:16
Lizzy: Yay Taryn. 19:16
Authoress: *beams* 19:16
Taryn: Thanks! 19:16
Camille: hahaha 19:16
Lizzy: Okay. Next question! Camille, whenever you're ready. 19:16
Lizzy: ! 19:17
Camille: Are you ever biased by the age of the person who sends a manuscript? For example, if the person is too old, do you ignore the manuscript or underestimate it? 19:17
Taryn: add on: shoul d it be mentioned in the query? 19:17
Camille: sorry, sorry, i got distracted. where it says old, i meant YOUNG. lol 19:17
Victoria: ! 19:17
Lizzy: lol! I was wondering 19:18
Lizzy: Gotcha, Victoria 19:18
Camille: yeah 19:18
Authoress: LOL 19:18
LaurenMacLeod: When I do conferences, I suggest that writers leave it out at the query stage. I'd like to say know, but maybe I am and don't realize it. I wouldn't tell an agent until he or she makes an offer-- you want them to love the writing first. 19:18
LaurenMacLeod: *say no 19:18
Lizzy: Mmm, yeah. 19:19
LaurenMacLeod: But if you are under 18, you do eventually have to come clean because you guys can't sign contracts yet. 19:19
Authoress: (I didn't tell Lauren I was in my 80s until after I queried her) 19:19
LaurenMacLeod: And, of course, you should make sure your parents are cool with it. 19:19
Lizzy: LOL Authoress! 19:19
katay444 joined the chat 19:19
Victoria: haha! 19:19
Taryn: lol authoress 19:19
Sarah joined the chat 19:19
Lizzy: ...so, do your parents sign a contract then? 19:19
Lizzy: Kate!! Yay! 19:19
Taryn: (omg, Kate, *hugs* I'm emailing you) 19:19
Camille: I agee 19:19
katay444: Hi everyone! 19:19
Lizzy: *the contract 19:19
Camille: agree* 19:19
LaurenMacLeod: I think you both would have to, but I've never negotiated a contract for a minor. 19:19
Lizzy: Hmm, interesting! 19:20
Camille: Hahahahahaha 19:20
Camille: Lizzy, I was just about to ask that Ahhh, okay. Thanks 19:20
katay444: Can we just...ask questions? 19:20
Lizzy: Okay, any more questions about her answer? 19:20
LaurenMacLeod: You guys aren't old enough to enter into legal agreements just yet. Just like you need a parent's ok if you want to get married. 19:20
Authoress: (you can read the story of Steph Bowe on my blog...they talk about the minor stuff: http://misssnarksfirstvictim.blogspot.co... 19:21
Lizzy: @Kate When you have a question, post ! and I'll add you to the waiting list 19:21
LaurenMacLeod: 19:21
Lizzy: @Kate when it's your turn, I'll call your name 19:21
Lizzy: Cool! Thank you Authoress! *saves link* 19:21
Authoress: yw! 19:21
Lizzy: Ok, onward then. 19:22
katay444: Okay, so I already have an agent, as most of you know, so I was wondering if Lauren has any advice for writers during the submissions process....how exactly does it work? 19:22
Lizzy: @Kate Next time when you have a question, post a ! first. There's a list of waiting questions. 19:22
katay444: Oh sorry! I've never done this before. 19:23
Lizzy: It's OK. No harm done. 19:23
LaurenMacLeod: It depends on the agent-- when I send a project out I make a list of editors, send it to them and then email the list to my clients. 19:23
LaurenMacLeod: I then fwd every rejection/response to my clients, usually without comment. If I think we need to talk about something or reevaluate, I schedule a phone call/meeting. 19:24
Authoress: (slipping out now...just wanted to peek at the adorable Lauren M for a while) 19:24
Lizzy: For the record, everyone, Kate is a teen author success story. You should ask her about it sometime. 19:24
LaurenMacLeod: But submission can take forever-- I usually don't even start nudging until editors have had it about a month. 19:24
LaurenMacLeod: By Authoress! 19:25
LaurenMacLeod: &Bye 19:25
Sarah: bye Authoress! 19:25
Authoress: heh 19:25
Lizzy: Bye Authoress! 19:25
Authoress: *waves* 19:25
Authoress: xoxo 19:25
Camille: Bye, Authoress! 19:25
katay444: Haha! How many editors do you usually send it to at one time? And bye Authoress! 19:25
Shahira: (@Kate You've got to tell me your story sometime! :] ) 19:25
Taryn: @Shahira check her blog 19:25
Camille: @Kate how old are you? 19:26
Shahira: @Taryn Where can I find the link? 19:26
Taryn: Guys, I gotta go back to work. This has been a most enjoyable lunch break, though! 19:26
Victoria: I want to know too! 19:26
Amanda: Bye, Taryn! 19:26
Lizzy: @Taryn Aww, I'm glad you could come! 19:26
LaurenMacLeod: Depends on the project. If I am sure it is in a great shape, I try and send it to all the big six publishing houses and my favorite smaller presses (Scholastic, Egmont etc). Sometimes I just send it to two or three editors at a time to see what they are thinking so we can test the waters first. 19:26
Camille: I think everyone wants to know. Bye, @Taryn !! 19:26
Lizzy: *taking notes for when she has an agent* ^^ 19:27
Sarah: Me too Lizzy 19:27
Camille: So am I 19:27
Camille: Though I do know I'm the youngest one here. 19:27
katay444: Oh no, I'm blushing! Haha I'm eighteen now, sixteen when I submitted and won Scholastic's novel contest, which helped me get my foot in the door. And thank you for the answer, Lauren! That really helps. 19:27
Lizzy: Truly inspiring, Kate. XD 19:28
Camille: That's amazing! 19:28
Lizzy: @Camille You go! The younger you start, the better! 19:28
katay444: @Camille yes! Never too young to start 19:28
Shahira: @Kate That's so awesome! Please share the link to your blog when you can. :] 19:28
Camille: Hahaha, I know. I started...with fanfiction, a couple of months back. But I had written a story back in December 19:29
Lizzy: Okay, onward. My question is what genre do you see becoming popular in the near-ish future? Every agent's answer is different, and I'd like to hear yours. 19:29
Camille: Thanks guys!! 19:29
Lizzy: @Camille That's great!! 19:29
Sarah: Good question Lizzy! 19:29
LaurenMacLeod: Ugh-- I hate this questions! I always worry people will drop their WIPs and try and write to the trend. Don't do that! But I do have an inkling-- my guess? YA mystery/thrillers. 19:29
LaurenMacLeod: *this question (sorry, typing fast rather than carefully) 19:30
Lizzy: Hehe. No, I won't. I'm wondering if any of my future ideas are in that trend. 19:30
Camille: @Lizzy Thank you I keep what I write mostly to myself, though. Only two people have seen it. 19:30
Lizzy: Hmm, that's what others have said too! Interesting. 19:30
Sarah: I've noticed that too Lizzy 19:30
Lizzy: @Camille I was the exact same way. It's only recently I started opening up to people-- particularly outside the family! 19:30
Camille: Hahahaha. I won't, either. I actually LOVE reading YA mysery/thrillers and stuff. 19:31
LaurenMacLeod: We think it is the next natural step from paranormals. Still has the same gripping plot, but set in present day! 19:31
Lizzy: *nods* 19:31
Camille: @Lizzy yeah. no one--and I do mean NO ONE--in my family knows I write. 19:31
Lizzy: Would make total sense! 19:31
Amanda: ! 19:31
katay444: Aren't most paranormals in present day? I don't read the genre much. 19:31
Lizzy: @Camille Really? How come? 19:31
Lizzy: @Amanda Got you on the list. 19:31
Lizzy: *would like to know the answer to Kate's question too* 19:32
LaurenMacLeod: Yes-- I probably should have said "real life present day" 19:32
Camille: @Lizzy they never ask, and i don't TELL them. I'm sooooo shy 19:32
Shahira: @Kate The ones I read are in present day. :] 19:32
Lizzy: @Camille Aww, I'll bet they'd be impressed! 19:32
LaurenMacLeod: Like-- someone could actually be a serial killer in your high school, but not actually a vampire. 19:32
Lizzy: Mmmm, yeah. 19:32
Amanda: (Brings I'm Not A Serial Killer by Dan Wells to mind. I'd love more of those. ) 19:33
Amanda: (If you take out the paranormal element, lol.) 19:33
Lizzy: Okay. Anyone have anything else to say about future genre trends? 19:33
Camille: @Lizzy *blushes* 19:34
Camille: I do! 19:34
katay444: Oh! Dan Wells is really nice, and his books are awesome....although they're sort of a mix between paranormal and thriller/mystery 19:34
Lizzy: *gives a generous minute for typing* 19:34
Lizzy: @Camille Go ahead! 19:34
Camille: Which of the genres trending right now--vampires, werewolves, faeries...etc--do you think will stop trending in the near future? 19:35
Lizzy: My guess is vampires. LOL! 19:35
Camille: Like Cryer's Cross by Lisa McMann 19:35
Camille: it has a bit of paranormal in it, but it's still a mystery/thriller, in my opinion 19:35
LaurenMacLeod: Honestly-- agents and editors are pretty sick of the lot, but the books are still selling. I'd be happy to never see another one for ten years. 19:35
Lizzy: LOL! 19:35
LaurenMacLeod: I think all of them will always have a place in YA lit, however. 19:36
Lizzy: Okay, moving on. Victoria, whenever you're ready, go ahead and ask your question. 19:36
katay444: .....darn 19:36
Camille: hahahahah!! 19:36
Camille: thanks 19:36
Victoria: A lot of teens have book review blogs... will it hurt your chance of being published later on down the road? Should you stay semi-anonymous? 19:36
Lizzy: Wow, that was quick! 19:36
Camille: @Lizzy my guess was vampires, too 19:37
Sarah: @Kate is yours a paranormal? 19:37
LaurenMacLeod: Not unless you are writing really horrible mean spirited reviews. But if you are reviewing honestly and giving well reasoned opinions, I think it might even help you. It builds a platform. 19:37
André: Okay, I'm actually here now. 19:37
Lizzy: ! 19:37
Lizzy: @Andre Yay! I wondered if you were just lurking. (As usual.) 19:37
Sarah: hi Andre! 19:37
André: No, I was gone. XD 19:38
katay444: Mine's a faerie story....although it's a historical fantasy set in Ireland, and very different from most contemporary paranormal 19:38
LaurenMacLeod: But if you are trashing everything and being a jerk about it (which I am sure you are not) then yes, stay anonymous. 19:38
Victoria: @Lizzy I type fast! 19:38
Lizzy: @Victoria No kidding! I thought you copy/pasted it! 19:38
Sarah: @Kate That sounds really cool, I love paranormal! 19:39
Victoria: Haha! 19:39
LaurenMacLeod: @Kate-- I think faeries don't necessarily need to be lumped in with vampires, werewolves, zombies. 19:39
Camille: @Kate that sounds amazing! 19:39
katay444: @Lauren man I hope so....because I'd really like to sell (obvious statement of the evening) 19:39
Sarah: I think paranormal would be okay if writers started to introduce different kinds of paranormal 19:39
Shahira: Same with fallen angels right? 19:40
Lizzy: @ Kate I agree, it sounds aweomse. 19:40
Lizzy: *awesome 19:40
Sarah: lol Kate, I'll buy it 19:40
Lizzy: Okay, Amanda, whenever you're ready, go ahead and ask. 19:41
katay444: Haha thanks Sarah. You can be my one reader. 19:41
Camille: ohhh, yeah, Fallen Angels. 19:41
Sarah: haha 19:41
Camille: @Kate I'd buy it. 19:41
Victoria: @Kate me too! 19:41
Amanda: Yay! *cough* Okay. So...what's your personal opinion of high/epic fantasy, specifically YA? 19:41
LaurenMacLeod: Really, though, it doesn't matter what the trends are if you have an awesome book. I'd rep an *amazing* vampire book tomorrow if I loved it. 19:41
Lizzy: @Amanda Good question! 19:42
katay444: THREE READERS! Haha I'm doing good here. And yeah, there seem to be a lot of fallen angels.... 19:42
Lizzy: Mmmm, cool!! 19:42
Amanda: @Kate--Love Irish historical stuff, though I've never really been into faery stuff. Four readers, count me in! 19:42
Lizzy: @Kate I'll buy it too! (Did you notice I said "I'll" or "I WIL" ?) 19:42
Lizzy: *will 19:42
katay444: Haha thanks guys! And I will, in return, buy all of your stuff someday! 19:43
LaurenMacLeod: High/epic fantasy is a hard genre-- some editors won't touch it, some adore it more than anything. Again, if it is amazing and editors/agents will jump at it no matter what. 19:43
LaurenMacLeod: *then 19:43
Shahira: I read the Hush, Hush Saga by Becca Fitzpatrick & really loved it. That's a YA Paranormal with Fallen Angels. 19:43
katay444: Never read Hush, Hush, but the cover is amazing... 19:43
Shahira: @Kate Agreed. :] 19:44
Camille: The Hush Hush saga Is AMAZING. I adore 19:44
Camille: it 19:44
Lizzy: Any more questions about high fantasy? 19:44
Amanda: Oh, I have one. 19:45
Lizzy: Go ahead. 19:45
Shahira: @Camille Isn't Patch to die for? I'm obsessed with him. 19:45
Lizzy: @Shahira So I've noticed.... XD 19:45
Amanda: Is there a specific reason that you know of for such strong opinions, for or against? Is it just individual opinion, or about sales? 19:46
Sarah: @Lizzy where's Constance? 19:46
Shahira: @Lizzy 19:46
Sarah: Good question Amanda! 19:46
Lizzy: @Sarah She's at a meeting. She'll be home too late to chat. 19:46
Camille: @Shahira OMG, yesssss! I adore Patch! He's soooo amazing! <3 19:46
Shahira: @Camille Agreed! 19:46
Lizzy: @Amanda Goood question! 19:46
LaurenMacLeod: I think it has a lot more to do with if an agent/editor grew up with it then sales, but sales have slumped a bit. 19:47
Sarah: @Lizzy ohh 19:47
Lizzy: @Sarah Yeah. 19:47
Lizzy: But there will be a follow-up regular Write On! chat tonight, and she'll be there for sure. 19:47
Lizzy: And anyone else is welcome to come, too. 19:47
Sarah: Why do you think sales have dropped for that genre? is it because that trend went out? 19:47
Shahira: @Lizzy I'm SO there!! 19:48
Sarah: @Lizzy what time will that be? 19:48
Lizzy: Right after the chat I'm opening the page. 19:48
Lizzy: *this chat 19:48
Sarah: ooh, I won't be able to go I'm watching the movie I am number four 19:48
LaurenMacLeod: I think it is because high/epic fantasy is really hard to do very well. The world building is difficult, and I think readers might read a bad one and turn to something else. Plus I think kids are growing up on Harry Potter instead of Tolkien. 19:48
Lizzy: Aw, I'm sorry. It might potentially run late. 19:49
Sarah: Oh that makes sense. Thank you 19:49
Lizzy: Yeah, that does make sense. It's kinda sad. *grew up on Tolkien* 19:49
Sarah: I never read Tolkien *hides from Lizzy* 19:50
katay444: I used to read LOTR once a year... 19:50
Camille: I grew up on HP. I absolutely ADORE HP. Yes, again, I am young. 19:50
Sarah: I grew up on HP 19:50
Lizzy: *knew this* *had her reaction already* 19:50
katay444: Me too! 19:50
LaurenMacLeod: I don't care as long as kids are growing up reading great stories! 19:50
Sarah: lol 19:50
Lizzy: @Camille .... how old are you? 19:50
LaurenMacLeod: Also-- guys-- I grew up on HP! 19:50
Amanda: Thanks! That was what I thought it might be. I grew up on HP, but also Eragon, so I love both subgenres. 19:50
Shahira: @Sarah I haven't either! lol.. Or HP for that matter. 19:50
Lizzy: @Kate Ahh! Impressive! 19:50
katay444: @Lauren Haha! 19:50
Sarah: My entire family read HP together so its in all my childhood memories 19:51
katay444: @Lizzy And now for some reason I just don't have the attention span... 19:51
Lizzy: I didn't grow up on Tolkien because I'm old, but rather because it was introduced to me before HP or Eragon. 19:51
Lizzy: @Sarah That's cute. 19:51
katay444: @Lizzy Same. And I never got into Eragon. 19:51
André: Ditto, Lizzy. XD 19:51
Sarah: @Shahira, you've never read HP? 19:51
Lizzy: @Kate Well, I read it twice... that was enough for me. At least for now. 19:51
Camille: @Lizzy 13 -.- 19:51
LaurenMacLeod: Harry and I were about the same age for book one. 19:51
André: *read LotR 11 times before he turned 12* 19:51
Lizzy: @Kate I read LOTR twice. 19:51
Amanda: As someone who is writing an epic fantasy...I'm ashamed to admit that I've only read The Hobbit and The Fellowship. 19:51
Lizzy: @Camille You're not THAT young! XD 19:51
Shahira: @Sarah Nope. I don't think I want to either..lol.. 19:52
Sarah: LOL Lauren! 19:52
Sarah: thats awesome! 19:52
André: @Amanda That's terrible. 19:52
Camille: @Lizzy how old are you? lol 19:52
katay444: @Lauren I think I was like four.... 19:52
Amanda: I know. :'( 19:52
Lizzy: @Camille 17. 19:52
Victoria: I just got back from Harry Potter world in Orlando...I belong at Hogwarts. 19:52
Shahira: I loved the LOTR movies but I'm not into those kind of novels. :/ 19:52
Sarah: I remember hoping for a letter from there 19:52
LaurenMacLeod: *feels old* *remembers she really isn't* 19:52
Sarah: @Shahira, why? 19:52
Lizzy: @Shahira It's OK! They can be hard to get in to. *understands* 19:53
Camille: @Lizzy I AM YOUNG. Seriously...is there anyone here who is younger than me? 19:53
Sarah: @Lauren, did you wait for your letter? 19:53
Lizzy: @Camille Nope, because the blog isn't for anyone younger than 13, really. ^^ 19:53
katay444: I did....it never came 19:53
Camille: I've read HP #1 and I *need* to read the others before the last movie comes out--PT 2, I know. I'm a die-hard fan 19:53
Amanda: @Camille--I have a cat who's younger than you. 19:53
Sarah: haha same 19:53
Sarah: @Kate ^ 19:53
LaurenMacLeod: @Sarah I had already missed my shot. 19:53
Camille: @Lizzy LOL, I forgot! Is there anyone here who is my ageee, then? 19:53
Lizzy: @Camille Not tonight. On the forums, there's a girl who goes by "Dragontamer" -- she's 13. 19:54
Amanda: When I started reading HP, I'd already turned 11. I knew it was not to be. 19:54
LaurenMacLeod: Another question? 19:54
Sarah: @Lauren aww, thats sad I at least had a sister to hope for after me, but that went down the drain last year 19:54
Camille: @Amanda I bet my dog is younger than your cat. LOL! Obviously... 19:54
Lizzy: Yes. I have the next question. 19:54
Shahira: I'm trying hard to think of a question but I'm pretty brain dead right now..I woke up from a nap 7 minutes before the chat. ;] 19:54
Sarah: lol Amanda 19:54
Lizzy: On the topic of personal blogs/sites, I've noticed some writers (teens and adults) haver personal blogs/sites with info about themselves and their current projects. Does this help at all when you're querying? 19:55
Amanda: @Camille--I bet my squirrel is younger than your dog. Because I don't have one yet. XD 19:55
Lizzy: Like, will agents look at a person's personal blog/site if they're interested in the work? 19:55
Camille: @Lizzy ahhh. see? I'm young, LOL! 19:55
Victoria: Good question! 19:55
Lizzy: @Shahira It's ok. We only have 5 minutes left of the chat. 19:55
Lizzy: (In caps) 5 MINUTES LEFT! 19:55
Camille: @Amanda neither do I. Sigh. LOL! 19:55
Shahira: *scatches head* I'm thinking!! 19:55
Lizzy: @Camille It's awesome! You should register on/hang around the forums. 19:56
LaurenMacLeod: I like being able to look up a writer I am interested in, but I'm not sure it really helps all that much. It wouldn't change a no to a yes, but I do like knowing a bit more about someone while I am making my choice about if I want to rep them or not. 19:56
Sarah: @Camille your the youngest one thats been serious about writing, thats a good thing. I started writing when I was 9 but didnt become serious about it until I was 14 19:56
Lizzy: Yeah, okay. 19:56
LaurenMacLeod: If you have a great blog/online presences (like my client Jodi Meadows did) then I might decide to offer even before I've spoken with you IRL. 19:56
Lizzy: Also, I've seen people have pages with info about their current finished novels they're querying. What's your opinion on that? Would you ever actually ask someone for material based on a page on their personal blog/site? 19:57
LaurenMacLeod: I was going to offer anyway unless she turned out to be a wacko, but this made it the first thing out of my mouth. 19:57
katay444: Do you usually talk on the phone with someone before you offer, then? 19:57
Lizzy: @Lauren LOL! 19:57
Sarah: I know a lot of agents like their authors to have an online presence now, right? 19:57
Lizzy: Very true. 19:57
Lizzy: Slow down, guys... one question at a time. 19:57
LaurenMacLeod: I probably wouldn't come across a personal blog to see what is on submission, but if I did, I suppose I might. 19:57
Lizzy: Hmm. Okay. I just thought it was interesting. 19:57
LaurenMacLeod: @Kate-- usually, again, just to make sure they aren't a wacko and that we are on the same page. 19:57
katay444: Ahhh. Gotcha. 19:58
LaurenMacLeod: @Sarah-- Yes! But it doesn't matter so much at querying stage. 19:58
Sarah: cool, thanks 19:58
Camille: @Lizzy I will! 19:58
LaurenMacLeod: @Lizzy One more thing, if the page had dates on it and I realized something had been on submission for years, I'd know it was a bit stale and might be less excited about it. 19:58
Lizzy: Okay. Makes sense! 19:58
Camille: @Sarah Thank you! I love writing, so...yeah 19:59
Sarah: I have to go, Lizzy, the rest of this will be posted on the forums, right? 19:59
Lizzy: Okay. And we have two minutes left, so lets use them to thank Lauren profusely for answering our questions!! 19:59
Lizzy: @Sarah Yes! 19:59
LaurenMacLeod: Thanks guys, you were great! I am very impressed with this group! 19:59
Shahira: Thanks Lauren!! :] 19:59
Victoria: Thank you Secret Agent Lauren! 19:59
Lizzy: THANK YOU Lauren!! 19:59
Amanda: Thank you for answering our questions, Lauren! 19:59
Sarah: Thank you Lauren so much for answering our questions! 19:59
Camille: THANK YOU, LAUREN. You are awesome. You're the first agent I've ever talked to, and it was a really fun experience 19:59
LaurenMacLeod: You can find me on twitter @bostonbookgirl -- I sometimes do #askagent session there as well. 19:59
Camille: you are also really nice. I'm following you on twitter 20:00
Lizzy: Awesome! (I already follow you ) 20:00
LaurenMacLeod: And I wish you all the best of luck. If I had one piece of advice-- KEEP WRITING. I had one client who had written something like 17 books before the one we sold for big money. You get better everytime! 20:00
Sarah: Thats great advise! Thank you! 20:00
Lizzy: Thank you!! 20:00
katay444: Thank you! 20:00
Sarah: bye guys 20:00
Lizzy: I will. 20:01
Lizzy: Bye Sarah! 20:01
Camille: That's amazing! Thanks bye Sarah! 20:01
Shahira joined the chat 20:01
Amanda: (Bye Sarah!) 20:01
Shahira: Oops, thanks for the advice Lauren! 20:01
Shahira: Bye Sarah! 20:01
Lizzy: Everyone else: There will be a normal Write On! chat happening ON THE WRITE ON blog! Check for the "Chatroom" page, and meet us there, if you have time. 20:01
Lizzy: Thanks all for coming! Again to Lauren for giving us time and fabulous answers (and advice!) 20:01
LaurenMacLeod: Bye guys! Now I get to go drag my husband to a chick flick. *poof* 20:01
Lizzy: It was a lot of fun. 20:01
Victoria: What is the URL, I've never been there. 20:01
katay444: And if anyone wants to exchange blogs/twitter accounts, we should meet in the write on chatroom 20:01
Lizzy: Hehe! 20:01
Camille: Bye, Lauren. Hahaha 20:02
Lizzy: @Victoria http://writeonteens.blogspot.com -- The "Chatroom" page is invisible right now, but it will appear in the green navigation bar in a few minutes. 20:02
Camille: we should! 20:02
Lizzy: Yes, what Kate said! 20:02
Victoria: Thanks! 20:02
Camille: lol 20:02
Victoria: Bye! 20:02
Camille: I'm headed over there in a few minutes. Gotta go eat something, or I'll faint (I'm pre-diabetic) So...Talk to you guys in a few! 20:03
Lizzy: See you over there! 20:03
Amanda: I'm going to go make some caffeinated tea and meet ya'll there in 10-15 mins. 20:03
Lizzy: Okedoke. 20:03
Shahira: I'll be there in about 10 too. :] See you then! 20:03
Lizzy: For those who need it => http://writeonteens.blogspot.com/p/chatr... 20:04
Amanda left the chat 20:04
Lizzy: See you there!
Lizzy closed the chat.

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